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RE: Unpackaging A Thai Coconut: A Delicious Natural Medicine For Menstrual Cramp

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Thai coconuts ARE amazing - some of the finest in the world. But the PLASTIC makes me so sad. Why can't they just sell it in the green shell it grows is? Opening them is a serious skill - I use a RAZOR SHARP machete - for string incisions, taking care not to sever hand. LOL. I drank 3 coconuts a day throughout my entire pregnancy, on my OBGYN's advice!! The water is very high in bio-available iron.

Lots of Chinese, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Japanese etc can be seen at the markets buying them fresh, in bulk, to take home. LOL. And yes, that's because they ARE that good!

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For local product, Indonesian coconut, always sell with green shell. Never like this use plastic wrap.

Yeah, so sad condition.

The ultimate travesty for me is peeling oranges and then repackaging them in plastic as a convenience product (for people apparently to lazy to peel oranges?)
But removing the coconut shell and replacing it with plastic is also pretty insane.