Unpackaging A Thai Coconut: A Delicious Natural Medicine For Menstrual Cramp

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Thai coconut? What is the difference between native coconut from Indonesia? For a long time, I have always been looking for ice cream served in the young coconut, typical of Thailand. Starting from this, I am always curious about how the real taste and texture of coconut from Thailand.

Today feels like my lucky day! I went shopping at a supermarket that I had not visited for almost 3 years in the city of Binjai, North Sumatra.

Thai Coco at Supermarket.jpg

Finally, I found Thai coconut in the fruit stand lineup! Without thinking I also bought the Thai coconut.

One Thai coconut is worth 12,500 Rupiah or about 0.89 USD. I am very happy to have been able to buy Thai coconut which is smaller than Indonesian coconut.

Thai Coco at Supermarket2.jpg

This is my first time holding a Thai coconut! I am also quite grateful to have been able to buy coconuts today because coconut water is indeed very good for women, especially for menstrual cramps.

Coconut Water as a Natural Medicine to Reduce Menstrual Cramps

Thai Coco9.jpg

Menstrual pain usually occurs before the menstrual period and 1-4 days during menstruation. This pain can be very painful and can have negative consequences on emotional as well. This will have a dramatic effect on reducing mood and disrupting productivity in daily work life.

The use of modern medicines usually causes dependence and also side effects. An alternative option is to use medications that are obtained from natural sources and offer good nutrition.

Quoted from the page Coconut Water Life said that alternative medicine that offers a good source of nutrition is Coconut Water.

Coconut water is a rich natural blend of PF phytohormone, sugars, and minerals. It provides nutrients for coconut seedling in the harshest of environments and has many proven clinical applications for different conditions including PMS. It is rich in vitamins, specifically vitamins A, E, and B complex and minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus.

With regular consumption of coconut water, menstrual cramps can be reduced as the nutrients present help the body regulate its hormonal balance. It's a natural source of folic acid, which reduces hot flashes and is essential for several metabolic processes.

So, let's open the Thai coconut from the package!

Thai Coco3.jpg

The Thai coconut that I bought was wrapped in a thin plastic package so that we could still see clearly the shape and texture of the fruit.

Thai Coco4.jpg

Let's discuss the Thai coconut pros as follows:

Shape of Thai Coconut from the Outside

  • The shape of the Thai coconut, in my opinion, is very cute! Looks suitable to serve as a place for serving a variety of foods will beautify your dining table!

  • Coconut fibers look softer than fibers in Indonesian coconut.

Thai Coco10.jpg

Taste and Aroma of Thai Coconut

After I opened the plastic packaging, I then opened the top part of the coconut. Look at the inside of this coconut meat.

The coconut that I bought is classified as young coconut so it is suitable to be enjoyed naturally without being processed.

Thai Coco.jpg

The portion of coconut meat looks right, not too thick or too thin because it has the right "young coconut" phase.

  • The taste is sweeter

The taste of water from Thai coconuts is sweeter compared to Indonesian coconuts. It tastes exactly like an isotonic drink sold on the market in general, but of course, it tends to be sweet, and a little close to the saltiness.

Thai Coco5.jpg

  • A sharper aroma

Besides having a sweeter taste of coconut water, Thai coconut also has a sharp aroma, very characteristic. Yummy, this makes Thai coconut superior because it also tastes sweeter.

  • Coconut meat is softer

Thai Coco6.jpg

Young coconut meat that is not too thick, but also not thin, and is accompanied by a softer texture compared to the coconut that I have generally eaten.

This makes Thai coconut a source of natural medicine full of delicious nutrition. :)


Thai Coco9.jpg

This is indeed my first time buying Thai coconuts and experiencing firsthand the difference with Indonesian coconuts.

There are several things that become cons after I enjoy the Thai coconut that I bought from this supermarket.

  • Coconut fiber will give off an unpleasant aroma if it is moist

Be careful when opening the top of the coconut. If too much water is spilled, this will cause the coconut fibers at the bottom to get wet and absorb too much water, so it will be moist.

This moist condition will cause the coconut aroma to be less pleasant. So maintaining the condition of this coconut remains dry is the best way to get the maximum condition of Thai Coconut.

Thai Coconut Prices Are More Expensive

Thai Coco10.jpg

With the size of a smaller Thai coconut, the price is more expensive and this is sometimes a con for some people.

But in my own opinion, this is not too problematic because I enjoy its superiority.

Will I Buy Thai Coconut again?

Definitely, I will buy Thai coconut again! In addition to being enjoyed while relaxing, Thai coconut can also be used as an attractive food photography property. :)

That was about the review of Thai coconuts that I bought today. Good enough! Hope you also enjoy "the dish" from my post today.

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Perfect post!

very good Thai Coconut !

Yeahh I really like it!

Thai coconuts ARE amazing - some of the finest in the world. But the PLASTIC makes me so sad. Why can't they just sell it in the green shell it grows is? Opening them is a serious skill - I use a RAZOR SHARP machete - for string incisions, taking care not to sever hand. LOL. I drank 3 coconuts a day throughout my entire pregnancy, on my OBGYN's advice!! The water is very high in bio-available iron.

Lots of Chinese, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Japanese etc can be seen at the markets buying them fresh, in bulk, to take home. LOL. And yes, that's because they ARE that good!

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For local product, Indonesian coconut, always sell with green shell. Never like this use plastic wrap.

Yeah, so sad condition.

The ultimate travesty for me is peeling oranges and then repackaging them in plastic as a convenience product (for people apparently to lazy to peel oranges?)
But removing the coconut shell and replacing it with plastic is also pretty insane.

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Great to check this out it was cool

Thank you

I really like this article, but just ...

The Thai coconut that I bought was wrapped in a thin plastic package ...

... wonder when we humans will finally learn to avoid plastic packages whenever possible.

Yeah, I always wonder how to make a product still fresh without plastic wrap. :)

Really want to eat ice cream Thai Coco in Thailand during Steemfest, but unfortunately, I can't go because family reason, not about money reason.

Yeah, I always wonder how to make a product still fresh without plastic wrap. :)

I think especially coconuts have a great natural protection.

Apart from that, as far as I know, in Indonesia until recently banana leaves have been the biodegradable means of choice when a good package was needed.

Here in Germany often it's not really better: they encase cucumbers with plastic foil ...

A pity that you cannot join SteemFest 4. It would have been very nice to meet you again!

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Thank you so much!

I have been to Thailand and I really really enjoyed them, I am such a huge fan of everything that comes from the coconut, but it is shipped so far to reach me that I rarely have one now.
Brazilian coconuts are also amazing.
and I agree with @artemislives, the plastic wrapping makes me sad as well. xx

Yeah agree with you guys. Plastic still be more big problem

I’m really curious about what is it about the coconut that helps with menstrual cramps.

Have you had any personal experience with this?

What is it with wrapping fruits in plastic?!? I don’t understand... 🤷🏽‍♂️

Posted using Partiko iOS

Yeah, its my personal experience. :)

About plastic, I mean, the coconut was wrapped in thin plastic when I bought it at the store

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Yummy! I didn't know coconuts from different places had different properties. Are they a different variety of coconuts depending on geography?

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So many type of coconut with different shape and taste. :)

Thank you so much for supporting my post.

Hey there @anggreklestari!

This is really an informative review of nature. I do love coconuts (the coconut water to be precise). However, I never knew it could help menstrual cramp. Thanks a lot for sharing this; I really learnt something.

On the other hand, you did a good job to share useful images and information. Thank you for contributing to the realityhubs community.

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