How Fear Creates Dis Ease!


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We are complex being and we there are so many different things that affect our over all well being.Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs all have a huge effect on our health. We have been misled for too long now, about our own health, with modern medicine so often ignoring the root of our disease and focusing only on the symptoms, on our physical ailments.

Of course they are important, but they represent only a part of our ill health. We are so much more, that what appears on the surface.How have we come to this, become so naive when it comes to our well being. We have forgotten how everything is connected and how our bodies were designed to heal themselves.

I pose that question about being naive, full well knowing how it has come about. The media has done a wonderful job in creating fear and in promoting how our bodies are incapable of healing themselves.

At the moment corona virus is all over the media and it really is inducing a lot of stress and fear. Lives have been lost, but this is nothing new when it comes to the flu virus. It is always those with weakened immune systems that suffer the most and unfortunately lose their lives.

Stress is one of the leading causes of dis ease in our bodies, and nothing causes stress more than fear. Stress hormones really weaken our immune system and lessen our chances of healing ourselves.

In order for our bodies to heal or repair they need to have the right conditions. To have access to good food, quality water, and they need to be under no stress. We need to focus on building up our immune systems so that, when we are exposed to illness or disease are bodies can do what they were designed to do. Repair themselves.

Everything within our body begins in the mind, so if we are thinking toxic thoughts that we will end up creating toxic chemicals within our bodies.

Stress in our lives, knocks us out of balance and causes our bodies to release cortisol and adrenaline, the fight or flight hormones(adrenal system). We rely on this when we are experiencing life threatening situations, but our bodies are reacting like this to stress in our everyday lives, from our work, to the environment we live in, to the propaganda that is being shoved down our throats.


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This causes our bodies to work over time to deal with this issues, from our nervous system, to our elimination system, our gut, our brain, our muscles. This is a huge amount of energy being used and that is being taken away from our digestion, our immune system.

Fear creates so much stress in our lives and fear ultimately inhibits are immune system, making it difficult for our bodies to heal ourselves.

Of course fear is not the only emotion that has a huge affect on us. That is why it is so important for us to express ourselves, to find ways to release our stress, our anger, our inner turmoil that comes with not dealing with the many traumatic events in our lives. We need to be more conscious and more aware about ourselves and our relationship to the world.

More aware of how our interactions have an affect on us. Making the connection between our emotions and our health. How our mind and our bodies are intertwined. Like I said everything starts with the mind.

Imagine if we began to look at the world through a place of love instead of fear.

Imagine if we all took control of our own health.

If we changed our diets so that we no longer ate processed foods.

If we worked towards releasing all our suppressed emotions.

Imagine, if we choose to be more positive, to embrace each new day, to deepen our connection to self and to our natural world.

If we focused more on our mental, emotional and spiritual well being and finally treated it as just as important as our physical health.

We have the ability to heal ourselves. Because when we educate ourselves about nutrition, about our emotions, about our gut health, we unlock the knowledge that will help to stimulate our immune systems. To create the perfect environment for our bodies to heal.

What is so important though, is believing in your bodies ability to heal. To have faith, because that in itself changes the way you think and the thoughts that you create, remember positive thoughts create, positive chemicals within your body. We need to start working with our bodies.

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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗


You have so nailed it, @trucklife-family!! GREAT post! Yes, the more we give our attention to something, the more we contribute to its manifestation.

The challenge in each moment is to feel harmony, love and the best outcome.

thanks so much @artemislives xxxxx

@trucklife-family YES! This is what I am rambling on repeat to all of my friends and family that are spreading intense fear (to me) about being in "an infected zone"... I asked my dad a couple of weeks ago to send me love over sending me fear. I tried to explain the above to him in a way he'd understand... "don't you want me to be safe and healthy? Then send me hope, love and prayers not fear that I'm going to die!"


Our media and mainstream thought doesn't give us much room to step out of the fear though because stepping outside of fear, means we step outside of control.

I do believe we need to be aware, cautious and prepared but that if we spread hope over fear, love over war, we'd live in such a different world.

<3 Thank you for sharing this very important message during these turbulent times!

thank you, yes we need to keep spreading messages of love xxx

great post!

thank you @tobetada xxx

YES!! This is exactly what I'm talking about. The more we stress about the media bullshit about coronavirus, the more we make ourselves sick and bring this world into being. Great post babe! @riverflows

thank you beautiful xx

Thank you for sharing a message of hope and creative inspiration :) I admire the dedication to positivity and possibility !

We have to remain positive, thanks @basicbeing xx

We have been mislead to believe that western medicine knows more than our own bodies do. The currently predominant system of medicine starts first by silencing our bodies' messages, their calls for help, our illness' symptoms. We must not contaminate our bodies with snake oil (nothing against snakes) that masks these messages. The only healing we need is already in our possession. Knowing this would go far in easing all of our minds.

In other words, what you said:

What is so important though, is believing in your bodies ability to heal. To have faith, because that in itself changes the way you think and the thoughts that you create, remember positive thoughts create, positive chemicals within your body. We need to start working with our bodies.

thank you @owasco xx

How true - the wonderful ability of our body to repair and heal itself given

access to good food, quality water, and to be put under no stress.

Wishing you much good health and happiness!

same to you @porters xxx

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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thanks so much for the support xxx

Unfortunately I don’t really bother talking to people online about this stuff (except here in our knowledgeable communities!) because people are often times simply too indoctrinated and / or not ready for the truth of how the Boyd takes time!

But with posts like these and (hopefully) people sharing them to their friends and family and talking to people close to them, we can teach people how powerful our bodies are!

Dr. Gerber’s book Vibrational Medicine explains many aspects about how we can think ourselves sick. I never really get sick that much anyway, practically never now, but I used to get little colds and throat problems years ago. When I learned how powerful we are, I stopped getting sick PERIOD! Imagine that?

that sounds like a great book, I will have to look into it, I love the natural medicine community, getting to meet like minded folk, pleasure to connect with you @zydane xxx

Thanks, needed this reminder!

hey @fenngen I hope you are well xx

I curated you in a recent post, you write with such elegance that I have goosebumps. I can't imagine better timing for this topic as stress has taken over a lot of minds of late but knowledge is power as they say. Keep up the good work!

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