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RE: Hippies with Homes ep1: Indoor grow log [Day 3]

in #naturalmedicine2 years ago

Right on! This is motivating to get myself a tent with some proper equipment. So i love how yiur pointing out the big claims people love to attribute to cannabis. More studys do need to be done, ASAP. One thing forsure, it is such a great tool to have in your medicine cabniet. :) happpy growing!!!!


Oh my, how great it feels to have a legit set up running. I definitely need to get a proper light when I can spend 800+ on one item, but that's probably years away lol

I totally agree that it's a great tool to have in your medicine cabinet, probably even a must have! Even if you yourself don't consume, there are instances where you could give it to others to use it in emergencies (panic attacks for instance).

Thanks for the love! <3

I need some now .. have to go to work... aaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggvhhbbhbbbbnbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbhjj