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What is THC oil or weed oil?
What we notice is that there is often a lot of confusion among people about the names used in everyday language. For example, they speak of cannabis, marijuana, hemp, weed and a number of other names. In principle, we are talking about the same plant here, but there are many different varieties of this plant that have been cultivated on certain characteristics. Depending on the context in which we speak, plants with a lot of THC are often referred to as cannabis, weed or (often if they want to give a negative sound to it) marijuana. Industrial, legal plants that have been specially grown to contain little to no THC are more commonly referred to as hemp. Instead of THC, these plants often contain particularly high levels of CBD, another cannabinoid substance that also has many healing properties.
A cannabis plant therefore produces a type of resin on the leaves, branches and especially in the buds that contains a number of cannabinoids of which THC and CBD are the best known. We can remove these substances from the plant using various often simple methods, in particular the buds and clippings, and supplement them with, for example, olive oil or hemp seed oil to make it dripable oil. Anyone can do this in principle with self-grown plants, although it is often more convenient to buy it legally as oil at CBD because of the low price. You can also find this in our web store.

THC oil
The oil that is made from cannabis plants that contain a lot of THC is called THC oil or weed oil. We are talking about plants that are basically "illegal" and whose tops you can get in the coffee shop, among other things. Rick Simpson was the first in America to discover that this oil can be very beneficial for cancer patients. So when people talk about "Rick Simpson oil," they always mean oil with THC. Look here for the original documentary about Rick Simpson.

CBD oil
The oil that is made from industrial hemp plants is called CBD oil. We are talking about plants that are legal and whose entire field is full in Groningen, for example. Read HERE more about CBD oil.

You can prevent high with mediwiet oil
If you use cannabis for medical purposes by smoking or vaporizing it, you will always get high. When using Mediwiet oil you can be prevented high by accurately dosing per drop. With this, the medicinal benefits of cannabis can be exploited by everyone, including children and seriously ill patients. If you take too much oil, you get a heavy, languid feeling that we call high for convenience but cannot be compared with the pleasure of smoking a joint. Mediwiet oil will therefore never be able to replace smoking!

Crisis in healthcare
The costs of health care increase annually in NL and the EU by 5-7% and can therefore double in the next 15 years. Our country now spends 12% of the state budget on health care and if that soon doubles the State of the Netherlands will go bankrupt. Politicians know little better than to increase their own contribution and premiums. A family already spends almost a quarter of its income on care through various levies, if the increase is not curbed, this can rise to almost half according to the CBS in the future. Healthcare is becoming increasingly refined and more technical, but in the long run it is prohibitive.

People learn to help themselves
I think the best solution is to ensure that people who need expensive professional help are less likely! Patient or patiance sucks the same patiently in Dutch, English or French. We at Mediwiet think it is important to free people from their role as victims. We need to teach people (and allow them) to combat everyday inconveniences themselves and, above all, to prevent them with a simple folk medicine such as cannabis oil. A single plant in the garden or on the balcony is enough for almost a year of free oil. A few large plants in the garden is sufficient for the whole family, friends and acquaintances. Cannabis oil is the ideal folk medicine, it is cheap, completely harmless and everyone can produce it themselves, at home, in the garden and on the counter!

Helping creator cases is a duty!
Sick people have the right to strive to improve their health and well-being, everyone has a moral duty to help with that! That is why the Mediwiet Foundation helps creator cases to investigate whether weed oil can provide relief and, if so, how they can make it themselves from now on!

Good example makes good follow
Weed oil is still illegal but I am convinced that by demonstrating in practice that it is a valuable addition to our health package, the product will become increasingly accepted in the coming years. That is why it is so important that patients regularly report on their experiences in our guestbook, as they are the pioneers of a new perspective on healthcare!

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