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RE: Hippies with Homes ep1: Indoor grow log [Day 3]

in #naturalmedicine2 years ago

Oh man i so forgot about tou getting these from PowPow! What a grrat gift, and also a great home they ended up at. Will you be growing Steem Og?


Right?! They've been sitting in my storage for nearly two years as I contemplated my needs to set this up heh. Hope I can figure out a way to send him some love from my first harvest.

I would love to grow some Steem OG, but I don't have any seeds or access to clones of such.

I follow powpow on instagram and he is pretty active there. Hit up elamental, he may some some seeds still. If not ill have some new strains in future

I'm pretty sure Ela is out of seeds, but I'm definitely looking forward to some of your new strains!

Oh cool, maybe I'll have someone reach out to him on instagram when time comes:) Thanks for the heads up.