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RE: Psilocybin could be produced on an industrial scale for use in psychiatric medications!

Haha Psilocybin is the best. I would like them to produce it on an industrial scale for my personal consumption lol.

"According to the authors, their E. coli produced more psilocybin than any other organism retrofitted with "magic mushroom" DNA to date."

Interesting, I kind of want to know what other organisms they have tried this with. I have always wondered if one could produce 'GMO designer drugs" (for lack of a better term) because I would super want some DMT producing weed.


I would super want some DMT producing weed.

HOLY SHIT ME TOO!!!!! That would be some serious shit though I bet super fun!

I would assume a bunch of various bacteria and other fungus have gotten the DNA. Be very interesting to see the full list.

Yeah the truth is never as fun as my fantasies, sadly. This is still interesting, though. I never expected to see this strong of a mainstream movement to study psychedelics but I am happy that is happening. Outlawing those substances (at least, the classic ones) is one of the worst mistakes our species has ever made, in my opinion.

It's sad. Humans have locked up, silenced, and killed all the shamans. Then with prohibition so strong and societies too complacent, we have the current state. At least the tide is starting to turn and the "medical" value is finally being researched.


I do see the shift coming. The younger generation seems to have more of an interest in those drugs than my fellow "80's babies" did. I remember that scene being fairly small when I was a teenager and in my twenties. Now, I see the "kids" memeing about DMT and shit. Hopefully, they push us over the line and I can get some damn mushrooms at the store like a civilized human being. lol

I'd be down for this!!

Nice. Hawaian sounds interesting.