Spagyrics and other Alchemical Texts Important to My Development

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@naturalmedicine and their amazing crew has asked us all to develop a post which is dedicated to a natural medicine book important in our lives. The original post can be found here: Share A Natural Medicine Book to Win over 40 Steem! [SPONSORED BY CURIE].

Personally, there are many books which have been extr3emely influential in my life - but of them all, "Spagyrics" by Manfred M Junius tops them all.


Spagyric Alchemy, first coined by Paracelsus, is a form of Alchemy which focuses on the preparation of medicines based on the principles of the Great Work of Alchemy. This text delves very deep into the workings of Spagyric Alchemy, though it almost strictly comes from a practical point of view and touches very little on the spiritual aspects of Alchemy.

Beginning with the background and history of Alchemy, moving on into the fundamentals and the laboratory equipment, finally ending its pages with many different experiments and medicinal preparations, this text has been an extremely important keystone in the development of my work and the purification and refinement of self. However, because this text lacks in the framework the Alchemist should approach the work, there were numerous tomes I poured over prior to ever turning a page of this extraordinary book.

There are two specific texts which stand out from the rest of the many texts I have read on the spiritual/psychological side of Alchemy. These two books are "Studies in Alchemy" by Saint Germain, and "Alchemical Psychology" by Thom F Cavalii.


I no longer possess the first book, but I do own the proceeding book in the series, which is the one pictured. Regardless, this series is a very powerful set of books which really gave me a solid frame of reference for some of the things I had been experiencing during a very powerful spiritual awakening. The second text helps to decipher some of the psychological aspects that are deeply entwined with the Alchemical texts and the laboratory workings. For, as the Alchemist refines a substance, they too refine themselves through their rigorous labors.


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