Lotus Token for Scientists! [A call for more science in the Natural Medicine community]

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Natural medicine enthusiasts make a lot of different health claims, especially on the internet. Typically there isn't any problem with this when there is evidence provided by some sort of cited, unbiased research. However, this is not quite typical in many different communities. This is why curators of @lotuscoin and NaturalMedicine.io pay special attention to posts which clearly display their research for others to read.

If you are a scientist within the Natural Medicine field or research in general, please come join us! Come and be part of a continually growing community which focuses on creating cohesion and developing ties between its members. Join me in today's episode as I explain more about the token/frontend and how you as a scientist can help embolden the strengths of our community.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to receive Lotus tokens you must use the tag #naturalmedicine. Use of this tag will also cause your post to appear on the NM.io front end as well.

Be sure to stop by our Discord to learn more by Clicking Here!

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I was just checking out this tribe because I received some lotus tokens in my SE wallet. I wasn't sure whether to stake them or dump them. I was a bit skeptical of a tribe based on natural medicine for the reasons you mention at the start of this article; there are lots of unverified assertions and ridiculous claims within those communities, and they tend to mix in some "spiritual" nonsense as the cherry on the bullcrap sundae.

But this post made me decide to give the tribe a chance. Natural medicine and prevention can be good things when they are based on scientific evidence.

@alchemage, That will be great for this Community because Natural Medicine backed by research will be great help for people. Stay blessed.

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