I Touched a Dead Body Today

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I will be dissecting a human cadaver in anatomy and physiology class and was given the opportunity in lab today to meet the cadaver we will be working with. A&P lecture/lab will allow me to further understand the human body, how it works, and how its built up. This is especially important for a naturopathic doctor, which I intend to achieve, as a keystone to healing is using the body's innate ability to heal itself.

Oregon Health & Science University has set up a body donor program which has partnered with my university (National University of Natural Medicine [NUNM]). The body we will be working with is an 80+ year old male who died of lung cancer a year ago.

Meeting this individual's body was an extremely surreal experience and rather humbling. I went through a whole new series of feelings that I'd never experienced before, all of which were for the better. Join me in today's episode as I go into full detail of my experience meeting this cadaver I hope to learn great things from.


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Best title of the day. I'm going to listen to this on the way to work tomorrow xx

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Wonderful respect and a fascinating experience. I have work in care home so experience many people who have passed on. I am totally with you on the great essence of us. But never dissected. Thank you for sharing 💯🐒

Good luck on your journey. I was an ER nurse for too many years and I had to practice some procedures on cadavers for advanced training. I always took the view that I had read somewhere that the body is just a vessel for our soul like a shell - but one that you still treated with respect and honor as much as possible.

So glad that you held a lot of respect for the man that donated his body so you could learn and you could appreciate that it was a selfless act that can lead to help with the health of others in the future.
Funny how often the real thing is different then what we might imagine!
I hope you learn lots on your path to become a Naturopathic doctor!
Thanks for sharing your experience!

@alchemage, In my opinion many will not going to dare to go through from this experience but when you are in Medical Field these processes are so common.

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