Hippies with Homes ep1: Indoor grow log [Day 3]

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I have finally started my indoor cannabis grow after a long time of sitting on an incredible gift from another fellow (inactive) Steemian and veteran, @powpow420.

This awesome individual was in the process of upgrading their tents and wanted to pay it forward by gifting his two 4x4 grow tents to another Steemian/veteran in the locale, and I just happened to be that lucky individual. I have been sitting on these two tents ever since getting them because I hadn't accrued enough funds to be able to set up a proper grow to my own satisfaction, and space is certainly an issue.

I have rearranged my bedroom to be able to fit one of these tents inside of the room.

However, there is unfortunately not enough room to set up the second tent. I have decided to start this first grow off with a set of four clones, each of a different strain variety (Blue Dream [Blueberry x Haze]; Critical Mass [1:1, THC:CBD]; Gorilla Glue #4, & Scooby Snacks [Dogwalker x Girl Scout Cookies]). I have two 1500w Exlenvce triple chip diode LED lights, one TerraBloom 6" inline duct fan, & two G Hydro 6" carbon filters with ducting, all in a 4x4 grow tent. I still need to purchase a temperature/humidity controller to hook my ventilation up to in order to monitor everything at the right levels.

I have initiated this grow because I use cannabis throughout the day, every day, to help manage chronic pain from multiple severe injuries sustained in the military and from neurological pain associated with fibromyalgia, alongside helping with things like concentration with ADHD, digestion after meals, regulating sleep/mood, and others.

There is so much great potential held within the cannabis plant that it has been referred to as "a pharmacy in a plant." Cannabis shows potential to improve cognitive function. Cannabis may reduce/manage symptoms of Parkinson's disease. And if your sex life is feeling a bit underwhelming, cannabis might increase your libido! These are just a handful of different studies which show the incredibly versatile medicinal potentials of the cannabis plant.

There is a lot of hype around the cannabis plant with many people claiming that it is a cure-all for the troubles plaguing Western medicine.

What is the actuality of this statement though? In my opinion, and from what studies are showing, cannabis is truly an wonderful gift given to us by the planet and we need to continue studying the varying effects shown through medicinal consumption of cannabis before we can definitively know what can be treated using this plant. Currently, while the plant certainly does not show to be a cure-all, cannabis is by far one of the greatest cornucopias of the natural world thus far discovered.

Join me in today's episode as I discuss a bit about my grow. I have been quite busy, so I haven't been able to record until today, day 3.

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Oh man i so forgot about tou getting these from PowPow! What a grrat gift, and also a great home they ended up at. Will you be growing Steem Og?

Right?! They've been sitting in my storage for nearly two years as I contemplated my needs to set this up heh. Hope I can figure out a way to send him some love from my first harvest.

I would love to grow some Steem OG, but I don't have any seeds or access to clones of such.

I follow powpow on instagram and he is pretty active there. Hit up elamental, he may some some seeds still. If not ill have some new strains in future

I'm pretty sure Ela is out of seeds, but I'm definitely looking forward to some of your new strains!

Oh cool, maybe I'll have someone reach out to him on instagram when time comes:) Thanks for the heads up.

Sweet. I've got a couple of blue dream clones that are about 40 days old, I think. I'll post something on them tomorrow. Will be fun to watch your progress and compare plants.

Awesome! Would love to see the differences in our phenotypes! Cannabis is so amazing. Been fun watching your grow in Discord when you ask questions. Would be cool if you had a grow log too!

I was concerned that I was mucking up the discord timeline with things most weren't interested in... good to hear you say that.
Going forward, we can compare plants and procedures.
A grow log.. maybe Wow, that first grow, funny looking back but being completely new at it, I jerked those 5 plants all around the yard trying to find a place where no one could see them but they're still supposed to be locked up. uh huh lol Tried a west facing balcony with a privacy screen around it but it didn't get sun till 10 am then got shaded by a tree. Then I tried the garage, perfect space for them but it's just too hot and dry. Practically turned to dust. The moral of that story is know where you're going to put the plants before you bring them home. hehe

Only thing left to try was in the house. Figured if I could stand the weather inside, they should be able to. I don't want to get involved with air filters, exhaust fans etc.

Anyway, so far so good, temp range 70-85, rh range 20-30 and that's with a container of water in the closet to evaporate, give some humidity. Soil ph around 7.5. I don't trust that meter. Added a little ph down on the 2nd watering.
When I bought the ph down, the guy was trying to sell me a kit with ph up... I asked him if he had ever used ph up and he smiled and said no. uh huh

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Right on! This is motivating to get myself a tent with some proper equipment. So i love how yiur pointing out the big claims people love to attribute to cannabis. More studys do need to be done, ASAP. One thing forsure, it is such a great tool to have in your medicine cabniet. :) happpy growing!!!!

Oh my, how great it feels to have a legit set up running. I definitely need to get a proper light when I can spend 800+ on one item, but that's probably years away lol

I totally agree that it's a great tool to have in your medicine cabinet, probably even a must have! Even if you yourself don't consume, there are instances where you could give it to others to use it in emergencies (panic attacks for instance).

Thanks for the love! <3

I need some now .. have to go to work... aaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggvhhbbhbbbbnbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbhjj

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. How wonderful that you can now grow your own cannabis medicine, which it seems you have a great need of! Wonderful too, that you were gifted the grow tents to make this possible! Happy growing!
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Thank you! I know! Its so amazing all around! I'm so excited for this opportunity:)

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what a wonderful thing to be gifted especially because you get to now grow your own medicine, It is a great set up and I look forward to following you progress xxx

Steemians gifting always blows me away. So much generosity here. Last time I grew, Dad nicked one of my plants. I thought it was one of my housemates. He rang and said he had something of mine in his best gangster voice, which actually just sounded like Dad. He kept it by fish pond by the bog sage. Dried it and all. We smoked it at Christmas. I didnt even know he knew I smoked at the time. Funny.