Reviewing And Analyzing 20 Factors In The Paradigm Shift Towards Freedom And Free Energy - Factor 10

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This is part ten of a twenty part series.

Mark Passio recently did WOEIH podcast number 219 titled “Tesla And Humanity’s Missing Paradigm Shift Revisited”. 

During the presentation, two graphics that he used were two lists.  Each list contains ten details of what the paradigm shift is, for a total of twenty.  

This is the tenth installment as I go through that information, one by one.

10.  Understanding and living in harmony with Natural Law

What is Natural Law?

Natural Moral Law is God’s Law.  

It is the deterministic component of what we experience here in the physical realm.  

It can be stated in simple terms as:

Don’t harm others.

Don’t murder, steal, assault, coerce, rape, trespass, or lie.  

We can see scientific results in living in harmony with, or living in opposition to, Natural Law, via cause and effect.  

If, in the aggregate, a society lives in harmony with Natural Law, then that society will experience Freedom and Evolution.

If, in the aggregate, a society lives in opposition to Natural Law, then that society will experience slavery and involution.  

Living in harmony with Natural Law is living in harmony with Creation itself.  

So how am I doing, on an individual level, in terms of living in harmony with Natural Law?  In today’s society, in 2019, it is extremely difficult to live in complete harmony with it, due to the extreme levels of evil force coursing throughout the world.  

Living in harmony with Natural Law means more than just NOT doing the seven harmful actions mentioned above.  

It also means not supporting the system of slavery that is external government.  

It means not paying taxes.  

It means not having relations with order-followers.  

It means disobeying when confronted by order-followers.  

There is a great deal of improvement I need to make in this area.  While I don’t do any of the seven harmful actions, I do maintain relations with a family member who is in the military.  Cutting ties is a difficult thing to do, and I haven’t had the courage to do so yet.  

On a positive note, I haven’t paid income tax in many years, and I’ve managed to dodge getting visas in the vast majority of my 12 years living as a nomad.  I’ve also disobeyed order-followers on several occasions and put the Truth in their faces.  

So what about the rest of humanity?

Sadly, they are ignorant of what Natural Law is, and do not live in harmony with it.  

That is why slavery is the current human condition.  

I hope with all my heart that this changes before it is too late.  

Part 11 Coming Soon!

Thanks for your time and attention!

Just say "NO" to slavery!

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