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I wonder if they are testing some low altitude Radar signature. One of the ways to avoid Radar is to fly low. So maybe they are testing a new technology to track low altitude flights. Maybe...

They are preparing to test net new war machines/weapons. These weapons will team with A.I., drones, ships, and war planes all using laser, and magnetic fields during a war. They want to innovate weaponization by moving away from bullets, to a new age of tech weapons. I will show ya..

That was a test flight I believe. I think they said release of such weapons will be functional by 2021 if I heard correct. You can find the info in the video link.

God help us.

Cheers :)

Mann. Terminator days coming, huh!

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Yes, read about the jammers earlier too. US seems to have mastered, so does China claim to have mastered jammer tech. In fact, US jamming technology can target a specific subject leaving the others in the vicinity alone. That again, I think is AI in the works. Well, well, well...

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Damn it! Always the Chinese. First rice and now this? What has the world come to! Sheesh! I wonder if they can fry rice with one of their fancy dancy lasers too! ha! Oh boy I am going to get in even more trouble around here :P

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Perhaps they are chasing after some Russian drones!!

lol or maybe Trump has drones.. and his drones fly around with Russian drones, and those drones go for beers, get lap dances, and collude every day of the week, but twice on Sunday :P

Cheers man!

That sounds like a very friendly party! Good for promoting ‘peace on earth’.
Good to collude for peace on earth!

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