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Greetings one and all. I am mixing a new song by @theturtleproject, an absolutely brilliant singer-songwriter based here in the UK, whom we have been working with for a number of years. He is a massively talented musician and lyricist, and we love his intimate vocal style.
Check out his Spotify here:



The Song

Title: Sleeping

You can find Sneak Peek pre-master of it here on soundcloud:
Please leave a comment on anything you like or think we should change. We love getting feedback. Seriously!


The Set up

Photo from Cubase 10.5:


As you can see, there really isn't an awful lot going on in this song. Hopefully the pared back production suits the song's intimate style. What do you think?

Drums (in orange)

I kept Turtles' original drums on here for the toms, high hats and cymbals, and underneath I added a big phat kick drum (standard Stick Up Procedure) and an air-sucking, 80's inspired, snare. Across the master drum bus I added a touch of deep, slow compression, doing no more than about 4db of gain reduction, with a release time synced to the tempo of the song (nerdfact: quarter notes).

Bass (in yellow)
Yet again this is the original bass, beautifully played by Turtle. I added a touch of compression, side chained from the new kick, as is de rigeur these days. Gotta keep the kids happy! Also a touch of subtractive eq to allow the kick and the snare to poke through it slightly.

Keys/Synths (in greens and purples)
The beautiful, delicate piano part, and minimalist string arrangement, again all by Turtle. I did some slight re-arranging, and some subtractive eq around 600hz and 2kHz, as these frequencies were masking the vocal. I compressed the piano, and listening back to it now, I think I over-did this, as it seems a little too 'dense', especially in the intro. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Vocals (in pink)

The star of this song without a doubt! To get the intimate sound he wanted, Turtle was practically eating the microphone, which presents some difficulties at the mixing stage (and digestive stage I should imagine). To counteract the proximity effect (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proximity_effect_audio) Turtle had employed a fairly heavy low frequency cut on his recording. However, this had removed some of the "body" of his vocal, and I felt the end result was too washy and whispery, so I applied a slight bass boost and treble cut, 'tilting' the general tone of the vocal to be darker. I added a touch of chorusing (the effect) in the verses, with a little more in the chorus and ending, which helps to push the vocal back in the mix slightly. I also used some multiband compression to tame some of the higher frequencies (basically a de-esser), and added a very small amount of a short plate reverb.
Finally, some uncharacteristically subtle backing vocals were added by @stickupboys.


My mixing highlight

The lesson for me in this one came from having to mix with far fewer elements than I am used to. (Check previous posts in this series for examples of our typically larger projects). In some ways it was much easier because there was less for me to screw up, but it also means that any mistakes I made are much more obvious. I can hear a couple listening to it right now. Can you?

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Keep it up, boys!


Really nice chilled music, perfect for my hungover brain this morning 🤣
But in all seriousness, really well produced and the vocals are slick.
Plus the lyrics are decent, I always listen to lyrics in music being a poet and they're really good. I wish I could write songs as well as poems.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Still listening, as I do my daily hive and listnerds curation 😃

Thanks for the kind words. @theturtleproject is a fantastic lyricist.

I love the vibes!! Tho I never sleep

Great job, that's a hit song! you did it perfectly!

Some great work again, well done :)


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love it , nice job boys

It's you that made the magic mate.

I love this song and am still waiting to marry Turtle!

i like to keep them waiting :)



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I was jamming to this my gosh!! I love it.


Remixing can be so much fun but also a lot of work. The music sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

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