Sneak peek of "Straight Outta Brighton" and getting technical with a new song on the way, what do you think?

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Another new mix called "Straight Outta Brighton" by the Stick Up Boys. I wanted to share some of the mixing with you. I also want to highlight and share some of the ways we work and some of the more technical aspects. This is a new song we have been working on and we are lucky to have the wonderful Charlotte Glasson on sax on this one who is always fabulous when she comes in the studio for a session! Check out more about her here:



The Song

This is a funky and fun track and is all about being a Stick Up Boy....there are so many of us!
You can find it on soundcloud here:
Please leave a comment on anything you like or think we should change. Always good to get mix feedback before we send it for mastering!


The Set up

Photo from Cubase 10.5:


Drums (in orange)

A mixture of a big kick from NI Battery (standard for us), a cheeky maracas part done by @stickupboys, and a snare and hat loop from XLN audio Addictive Drums II.

Bass (in yellow)

This was played on the keyboard by moi, using a virtual instrument in Halion which comes with Cubase. I added a bit of grit to it with Soundtoys DevilLocDeluxe. Tasty!

Synths (in greens and purples)

Some more keyboard wizardry from me (well I am the Brains right?). An organ from Native Instruments and a pad from Cubase.

Guitars (in blue)

@stickupboys representing again here, this time with an Ebow ( for a slightly good/bad trip vibe.

Vocals (in pink)

A few of the boys on this, nothing too fancy.


Mixing highlight

For this one I had a very clear reference. "The Fun Lovin' Criminals" by, you guessed it, Fun Lovin' Criminals. Check it out on the Spotify and let me know how did I do?

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Hey man just listened to the track pretty awesome that sax goes good too the beat sounds cool like a boom bap vibe that organ is pretty nice too

Cheers my bro, she is an awesome sax player! I love her when we get her in for session in the studio!

Great stuff! True!!!

thank you appreciate it!

LOVING that bass line. Great groove to it. 🎸🔥

cheers bro!

Looks awesome! cant wait to listen to it!

Are you putting your music all together in one place, like on spotify?

NVM!!! I see your on soundcloud!

yes we have spotty but use soundcloud now just to check rough are you doing?

Hey! I'm doing good!


Totally love this track and the artwork too! Keep up the great work sharing the production insights.

It seems like you always stick to the same colours for the same instruments in the DAW?


Yes we have done for years, that way it is visually easy for us to see what is going on!

See I knew you guys were just as organised as me at heart... or at least one of you is!


Colours were my idea.....Front...



Awesome track thanks for the breakdown.

Nice one bro...maybe the organ in the chorus is a bit much?

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