Sneak peek and getting technical with a new song on the way, what do you think?

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I am mixing a new song by the Stick Up Boys and wanted to share some of the mixing with you. I also want to highlight and share some of the ways we work. This current song is a collab with the awesome @tdctunes. You can check out the awesome original track here...


The Song

You can find the current work-in-progress here on SoundCloud as we are finalising the mix:
Please leave a comment on anything you like or think we should change.

The Set up

Here is a screengrab from our DAW, Cubase 10.5:


Drums (in orange):

We used 11 individual drum tracks, some were the originals provided by @tdctunes, the others we added using our favourite VST drum plugin, NI Battery.

Bass (in yellow):

Provided by @tdctunes. This was somewhat uncontrollable, which, by our standards, is a great thing! We used a touch of multiband compression to reign it all in.

Synths (green usually):

Again these were mostly from TDC Tunes. A light touch of eq was all that was required for these. We love the classic Rhodes sound that kicks off the track.

Guitars (blue and sometimes blues):

We only added one little guitar at the end, a Fender Custom through a Marshall amp, recorded with a Neumann TLM103.

Vocals (pinkish):

Twenty-odd vocal tracks (so not that many really!) in pink, our favourite singing colour.
All recorded through the Neumann, with Front and Driver providing all the vocals on this one. For once they were fairly disciplined so the mix process wasn't too taxing! There are five lead vocal tracks, each with a slightly different sound, so there is something sexy for everyone.

I hope that gives you some insight into how we work. Give us some comments, and big up all the music on Hive!

Stick Up Brains


Check out more about us and follow us everywhere.....

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Cool stuff. My recording skills are very basic, so I envy those who can do the clever stuff.


one day you have to come down to brighton and do some recording!

I'd love to. Will have to see if things get back near normal soon.

Yeah do it! I can confirm that it is possible to visit @stickupboys and come back with no permanent damage!



lol years of therapy you gonna need....
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Nice 👍 can't wait to hear the finale

Thanks my bro appreciated! !PIZZA

Jesus, my computer would crash with more than two tracks. I just have the guitar and mic into an m-audio duo into mixpad software and it still crashes! Music is life!

Like all things in life, you just gotta use the tools you have available. I wrote some of my best music with a pen and paper!


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Love this super interesting insight into the arrangement/mixing process!

I'm using Ableton rather than Cubase but I also like to think in terms of colours!

Would love more posts like this about how you approach the technical aspects...

Loving too how the track is sounding!


Well you provided most of the gold mate!


Especially the bass - I know you loved mixing that :)


Is this Cubase? Never used this DAW, but I kinda recognize the icon.

What DAW do you use @ivangeevo?

I'm an Ableton person. I do have Logic as well which I occasionally use if I need a score/notation. Never used Cubase but it seems to work well for @stickupboys

Yes indeed it is.

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