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Today's subject is the altogether amazing Moog MF-101 Low Pass Filter. Released in 1998 as part of the now legendary MoogerFooger range, this thing is one of those makes-anything-sound-better boxes; just pass a signal into it, and what comes out of it will probably sound better! As you can see from the picture, this is a relatively straightforward device. There are no menus or hidden features, WYSIWYG.

Take a drive

For us here at SUB HQ, the highlight of the MF-101 is the drive knob. This thing can go from subtle warmth to total smash, and it sounds awesome wherever it is! Drums, synths, vocals, carrots, they can all be improved by a little or a lot of this Moog Magic. The filter, of course, is glorious, and the envelope and mix knob further enhance your sound shaping possibilities.

Back up

Connectivity wise there is everything you could want; a mono in and out, and then CV in controls for all the filter settings, as well as CV out from the envelope.

In summary, we love this thing. It sounds (and looks) great. It is extremely versatile, and very straightforward to use. If you have ever listened to our music (and if not, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?), then you have heard the MoogerFooger MF-101.

If you have a great piece of music equipment you think we should have a look at then leave a link in the comments. Big up all the music in the world!


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I would love to own a physical Moog. Very nearly purchased one last year but it was a case of getting a few bits and bobs with what I had to spend or just the one “bob”

Mind you I’ve got some of their software which is very good.

honestly it is all quality we have a few moog synths too and you can just feel it! Also it dont break like all our Autria hardware...

Very tasteful with those wooden side panels. Moog were the electronic pioneers.

yes so awesome and pioneering but sill making quality today..all be it at a cost...

I can see they go for serious money, so I doubt I'll be getting one :)

well thats the thing about moog they go up in price unlike a lot of stuff!

Had a friend that rocked a Mini Moog. Thing was sick. Guess the digital version will have to do, lol.

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Digital version is very cool too