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Since I use a lot of online tools, desktop software, ios apps etc, I decided it would be a great topic to talk about, rather than my usual stuff, which I've not had much time for these past few days.

Make a Note!

Hello everyone hope you are all doing alright? I'm looking forward to 4 days off, got some holiday coming up, which is much needed, as there has been so much going on recently both in and outside of work. I've also been spending a lot of time on Substack, something a little while back I thought I wasn't going to be doing too much of but I have to say their new "Notes" feature is very compelling and has added a new dimension to the platform, I've been hooked on it these past couple of days but....

I've spent no time on Hive! Shock horror! Please forgive me!

Out of interest anyone here on Substack? I am going to share this post there and will keep doing so with future posts, Notes could be a great alternative for us Hivers to share our content on the web 2 space, if we are spending less time on Barker (as I now call it), suprised Tweets haven't become barks or woofs, did anyone listen to the interview with Elon at all? I've only heard excerpts so far because I've not had time to listen properly yet.

Readwise Reader

I logged in to Readwise.io this morning to discover they've launched a new app called Reader and it looks rather great, still setting it up at the moment but it’s effectively a feed reader combined with their original web highlighting app.

AI shenanigans

Our CTO sent out a company wide email yesterday to say, happy for you all to use ChatGPT folks but be mindful of what you feed into it

Will I be exploring it more? Oh yeah, defo

Bitwig v5 coming soon

One of my favourite DAWs is upgrading to v5 soon and I’ve seen some demos online, the new features are great and I’llhet my hands on a beta version soon to try it out.

Lots of great auv3 stuff to test

The iPad world is also hopping along at great speed, there are a number of apps I want to try out and share with you here. Replicant 3 looks great and comes from the same people behind Other desert cities, my favourite effects suite at the moment.


Last but not least Blocktunes are soon pushing out their sample and grooves pack for use in your own music. That reminds me to get back to the sound library I started.
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I've not really looked at Substack, but I've seen it mentioned a bit lately. I hear they have some nutters there, but then so does Hive :)

I can't keep up with all the new apps, but I have enough to keep me busy.

Keeping up is a problem isn’t it but a problem easily solved by ignoring some stuff!!! I keep coming back here no matter what other shiny new things appear elsewhere. There are nutters on substack indeed!

I try not to get too distracted by the shiny things as they can lead me away from what I actually need to do, but then they can inspire too.


I used to be bad for things like that but not any more!

Hey @nicklewis, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Busy here too and haven’t had a chance to get started on the sample packs. Soon though…

Looking forward to seeing them and I’m the same here, wanting to record more ipad sessions for cast garden etc.