I've created a Bandcamp artist account!

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If you were to head to https://nickeblewis.bandcamp.com right now, you’ll see not a lot, be patient, I am going to add “Rings” to it to get the ball rolling, this track has been on Spotify for a little while now. This begs the question, where is best for your music? It’s not an easy one to answer, but I’d say, go where your audience is likely to be. If your music is, no matter what genre, a bit indie, a bit off the wall, Bandcamp is a good bet. I think artists get a better deal there, it is more “grass roots” whereas Spotify has become so huge, last quarter, I earned 4 cents. Ok I’ve only one track on there, so perhaps it’s amazing I’ve made any money at all and I do little to promote my stuff. If anything I am too modest. I only got back into music making in 2020 after a massive hiatus but even my wife, who isn’t a massive fan of Techno based music as a rule, kind of admits to liking what I am creating, to the point she told me not to hold back, don’t rest on your laurels, you are very good at it.

I would like to to thank everyone for their support of this newsletter, especially as I pivoted the whole thing last year, to become a focused newsletter on electronic music. It’s gradually taking off, getting great comments, conversations happening, which is what this should be all about. Thanks to all supporters, free and paid. Will I be introducing paywalls and all of that stuff? Probably not, I would rather say, if you want to support what I do, by all means subscribe to this Substack as a paid member, you will get some extras, perhaps sample packs or something that would appeal to the producers amongst us. Even better, once I’ve got Bandcamp up and running, you’ll be able to donate whatever you think tracks etc are worth but bear with me on that. It’s all a learning curve and not to mention a time sink too.

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Since I’ve got into the whole Tidal Cycles stuff, a whole new universe has opened up and I know that my last post about this very topic, got a lot of love, so I am guessing more Tidal Cycles is what you want?

Good! I am going to be exploring it a lot more lol!! There is a lot of great content to share too. I think we can learn a lot from those who’ve been involved with it for a longer time.

I just love the thought that music, maths and computer science converge this way, which is something we’ve all known for a long time but Tidal brings it all together so nicely.

I’ve been checking out their blog recently and this post made me smile. https://tidalcycles.org/blog/tidal_profile_heavylifting

Or maybe check out Alex Mclean’s content…

Dan Gorelick is a real talent, love the piano he’s using here, just goes to show how you could use Tidal in conjunction with real instruments as it were.

I’ve bookmarked lots of content about this stuff recently and just need some time to write up a post, telling you all about this amazing stuff.

Am I now blogging/substacking daily? I feel like I can at the moment but don’t count on it!

Enjoy your Sunday, I’m off to mow the lawn before it rains like crazy again!


I have music on Bandcamp, but have only sold a few albums. I did make it available for free though. It is also on Spotify, but I've made nothing there. I ought to do a post on what I did for that. I actually followed what my friend @todayslight had done. Of course you need to publicise your music to get anywhere and I've not done too much of that outside Hive, where I make more anyway just from posting.



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