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RE: Music is life, life is music - Praising the music :)

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WOW! What an amazing post you've written here! So many interesting links!
100% agree! Music us everything. Some say everything has music since, in the end, every object has its own frequency at which it starts to resonate and vibrate. In my book, this thought is true since music is not just the music we can hear on the radio. To me, music is any sound and sound combination that can evoke the feeling of 'connecting' with the sounds. One of the reasons why my interest in soundscaping was developed a few decades ago. I tend to 'love' the super experimental music, for instance. One of the first super experimental albums that I've come across in my life, is this one from Japanese producer Ryoji Ikeda. Though I don't listen to this album too often, I love how it can bring me into a trance-like world. Very refreshing for our mental self :)

ps am not too found of vocals in music, never listen to the text. though when vocals sound great to the instruments, I'm all for having the vocals in. ie I regard vocals as another instrument, hence it needs fit the rest of the instruments in the arrangement.

To All: I urge you to click all the links in the post, some very interesting stuff you'll hear (and read).


Tnx :)
OMG this thing is earache and after a while headache :/ though it interesting music for projection, like, what are the things you can imagine while listening to this... that is, if you survive long enough mentioned pains :D
You still owe me some classical music over your challenge ;P