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Who doesn’t love


The Electronic Dance Music Style can be very broad, but you enjoy listening while driving or simply have a long experience with this genre, I guarantee this SET will make your ears cry.

Heavy bass, right?

Have some fun and remember to wear your seatbelt at all times during the journey, pathfinder.

…Girl, what we do,
The things we do
Are between me and you…

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly share with you this SET:

The channel Magic Music Mix is great if you’re an electronic music aficionado. Trust me and go with the flow. It’s easier.

“Well, I believe you have something that belongs to my boss”

I take you to the CandyShop… 🐳

Here is the tracklist:


00:00 CryJaxx - Candy Shop (feat. Junior Charles)
02:51 BREVIS x M.I.M.E - WET
05:14 meric again, 22angels - Industry Baby
07:28 Marin Hoxha - Versace
10:00 Fyex, Robbe, New Beat Order & Lunis - Gangsta
12:24 Harddope - Heathens (Feat. Halvorsen)
14:40 Soner Karaca Ft. Godemode - Astronaut In The Ocean
17:27 RushLow - Barking (ft. XTienne)
20:08 Gidexen, Coopex - Rapture
22:23 R3YAN & Benlon - The Business
24:57 Svniivan, Edwince & Veronica Bravo - Cradles
27:30 Arc North & Cour - Youngblood
30:34 Marin Hoxha VS Vinsmoker - Night Drift


Your satisfaction or your money back.. guaranteed!
Here at @cybercity we respect your ears and brain. 🧠 Spread the word, hivean! The force is now with you.

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