Welcome to my Podcast - Tidal Cycles, Algoraves and Livecoding

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Welcome to my Podcast - Tidal Cycles, Algoraves and Livecoding

This is my first proper audio episode and I introduce you to the premise of this cast going forward. Tidal Cycles is a software tool for creating music with programming code, code updates made on the fly can be executed to make changes to the sound or music. It's difficult to explain in writing, easier to tell you about it in an audio podcast. Enjoy and I look forward to creating music to share on this channel.

Check out today’s video..!


Congrats to @nicklewis on your first podcast. I know from experience that just talking like this is not easy to start with. I spend a lot of time editing out hesitations on early shows. It gets easier with experience. The topic is interesting and I hope to hear some audio examples in future shows.

I've been rehearsing some ideas and the beauty of Tidal is that since it's code, I can commit to Github and gather little ideas together that could be slotted together in improvisations which is mostly what the podcast is going to be about.

I wonder how payouts work on here? Would it be possible to auto post to one's own Hive feed?

Cast.Garden payouts/rewards will show up in your Hive account automatically within 7 days of your upload..
The Hive-Tube software can auto-import from external RSS feeds too, if you configure that in your peertube account settings screen.

Thanks for the clarification Ken but what’s the decline option on the setting for?

I’ve not got an awful lot to import. So starting afresh with this. Currently playing with OBS for video walkthroughs.

Thanks @steevc for the reblog. I’ve just released another episode. Got carried away or excited about it. The next one will be out next week I suspect. I’ve been enjoying your very own cast too.