Film media is still a thing.

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I've given my share of reasons why I still shoot film, and why my only digital camera is on my phone, and why I don't plan on changing that.

It's hard for me to ignore that one advantage that I have seen is that people are simply more enthusiastic about being shot on film. This is a big help for me because I am such an introvert and it's difficult for me to ask people to model for me.

Obviously, I have my go-tos with whom I work regularly, one in particular, who are comfortable with me, know my work, and are always happy to pose for me when we can make our schedules work. But, there is something that will always be different for a person seeing an old school TLR or a large format camera. It might be a novelty in some regards; but, it doesn't change the way that people react to it.

Still, I've been shooting movies and photos long enough now to have seen the tail end of the transition of photography from film to digital; and, I was right, smack dab in the middle of the rapid shift of the movie industry from film to digital.

I know that I'm not alone in having seen actors, particularly women, who are more experienced and a little older walk on set and breathe a sigh of relief when they see a film mag.

A lot of younger actresses and models, some of whom are only a few years younger than I am, are only experiencing being shot on film for the first time when they work with me; but, you do feel a different energy in the room.

People are more focused while often being more comfortable.