#MondayMotivation: How Newton Laws of Motion Impacted Me

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Everyone!!! I hope you are having a great time over there? It's really nice to see you visit my blog today and I must say I'm really happy to have a great personality like you visiting my blog today 😊. Thank you once again 💕

I was actually meant to share this article on Monday, I'm quite sure some of you who are very familiar with my blog definitely know what I do every Mondays which has to do with #MondayMotivation but it's really sad I couldn't make any publication on Monday this week due to some uncomfortable personal reasons which I won't want to disclose. So, I really apologise for the inconvenience and I hope you also understand.

Isaac Newton once stated in one of his famous law of motion and I'm quite sure most of us might have heard about the three laws of motion, but today I'm actually going to focus Isaac Newton's first law of motion. This law states that "an object will continue to remain at rest or move with uniform motion along a straight line unless it is acted upon by an external force". There are really different ways to state this law but what really matters most is understanding the concept both practically and theoretically behind this simple law. I think it's best I explain what this law is really all about for most of us who seems to be learning about this law for the first time.

Understanding the Concept of Newton First Law of Motion


The law simply states that "an object will continue to remain at rest or move with uniform motion along a straight line unless it is acted upon by an external force". I will like to bifurcate this into two part. The first part of my explanation will be based on the first statement which is "an object will continue to remain at rest unless it is acted upon on by an external force"

This connotes that when you place an object or a substance on a specific place, you must definitely meet that same object or substance on that same place because the object is at rest without any form of external agent like force disturbing or acting on the body. Whenever an object is at rest, it simply means that the object has zero acceleration and no force to cause the motion of such object. Hence, a body at rest simply means a static body or a body that can't move due to the absence of force.

A good example to explain this better is that when you place your glass cup on the table, you are meant or expected to find your cup on that same table provided no one touched the cup. But if you met the glass cup shattered on the floor (broken glass cup), it simply means that someone might have tampered with your cup. This is why it's always safe to keep your valuable things in places where people won't have access to it 😊. The person who changed the state of your glass cup by causing it to break on the floor is known as force and the fact is that your cup was initially at rest before the person broke your cup, this simply implies that force causes distortion or change of state of a substance or an object.


Since you already got the first statement, let's now discuss about the second statement of the law which is "an object will continue to move with uniform motion along a straight line unless it is acted upon by an external force". This simply implies that force is the main reason for change in direction or orientation of moving objects during motion. A good example can be observed when you kick a football in a forward direction, it is observed that the force you applied to that football will keep it moving along that path unless another person kicks the ball in a eastern direction. This is one of the effect of force because it changes the direction of an a moving object.

How Does Newton First Law of Motion Relates to Our Daily Lives and How Does it Impacts Us?


I'm quite sure most of you reading this post might be wondering how this law relates to our daily lives but the fact is that this simple law of motion really changed my life in different ways and I'll be sharing with you how it really impacted my life.

Ever since I graduated from school, there's this routine we do follow here in my country which has to do with waiting for your results to get approved before you can serve the country and after that you may start working after the completion of your service. There was actually nothing I could do back then to stay productive other than just eating my mum's food like a glutton and sleeping all day long like a sick goat (lol). I could remember being bored, then I decided to go through one of my previous notes just to keep myself busy and I came across this particular Newton law of motion. I could sense my mind giving me a different interpretation of what the scientific law was all about.

The interpretation the law gave me was that if I decided to remain stagnant with my life goals and ambition without taking any step just like that of an object at rest on the table, it simply implies that I won't be able to achieve any great thing in life since there's no external force (goals and motivation) to ignite my way of life to make me successful. Also, if I continue living my life without being productive just like that of an object moving with uniform motion along a straight line, it simply implies that I may definitely end up regretting such kind of lifestyle and this is why I had to develop that sense of external force (goals and determination) to change the direction of my life just as force changes the direction of an object moving with uniform motion along a straight line.


In conclusion, in order to achieve greatness in life you must never be stagnant towards your goals or aims in life just like that of a static object, always find that external force to keep you dynamic and obstinate towards achieving your life goals. You also need that external force to drive you to the right path to achieving greatness instead of acting on the wrong or unproductive path just like that of a moving object moving with uniform motion or speed along a straight line without any external force acting on it.

Thank You for your time and I hope you have a great day ahead with love from @hardaeborla





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