Where's the Silver Anniversary Celebration?

in #moon4 years ago

When the events of September 11th, 2001 took place, World Media jumped onboard and all we heard for weeks and months was the 9/11 Terror Attack.

In 2011, the media jumped onboard the 10th anniversary of that event, an event that added truckloads of unnecessary suffering to this planet for a decade, was remembered with tributes that poured in from around the world and America.

Oh, and when your Mum and Dad have been married for 50 years, it's known as a Silver Anniversary.


In 1969, for the first time in recorded history and most definitely for the first time in American history, 3 people landed on the Moon, one small step for people, one huge leap for people kind. You guys even beat Russia & China.

Fair enough, the Moon was recently downgraded to be magically hovering over us from within our own atmosphere, but I digress.

Here's the clincher.

2019 is a SILVERY MOON YEAR, A LUNAR YEAR, The 50th Anniversary of People's first step on a heavenly body. From the 1st January 2019, we should have been inundated and bombarded with Moon Memories, Archive Footage, interviews with living Astronauts and ground crew, a Silver Anniversary with Amazon, Facebook, Google, CNN, Fox, ABC, Al Jazeera, RT and many other News Networks, Oh, and NASA. Every month Google would have had a Moon Landing Themed Title. I must be a lunatic, but it seems a VASTLY important chapter of our history is being neglected by the most sensationalising media in the world.


The problem is that the majority of those media outlets and entities are anti-American. Even Fox News has its anti-American moments. Even NASA is politicizing so much of what they do and joining in, to an extent, with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Most of the U.S. media is more concerned with promoting the most corrupt aspects of transgenderism than science.

Plus they landed on the moon in September 1969, so maybe they are going to start the celebration of the highest grossing movie franchise of film history.