Introducing The Hub of investors-Mocktailwap finance

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  • Recently, the crypto ecosystem has experienced congested, expensive and slow activities on the Binance Smart chain (BSC).

  • These challenges are the main issues the MocktailSwap intends to tackle by extending the chain of Decentralised finance (Defi) crypto community system.

  • Mocktailswap also targets at attracting a number of different types of investors and developers into the BSC through their structured investor friendly inventions.

The platform is managed by a formidable team that has experience on smart blockchain technology. The Binance Smart Chain was preferred and chosen by the team because it is fast, cheaper and reliable. There has been and will always be continuous auditing of the platform to enhance its transparency and security.



The MocktailSwap team has a good innovation that offers good return on the fund invested on the project by the investors. This will attract various levels of investors to the project.

These innovations will make MOK token to be sustainable and also stand the test of time. Unlike other tokens in the cryptosystem that fades away within a short period, like candle in the wind.

MOK holders have the opportunity to take part in decisions and proposals in the ecosystem, due to its equity and governance attributes. They also share from the yields on the growth of the project.


Liquidation of Token

The mode of interest yield has in recent times become the topic of discussion in the crypto ecosystem. Especially in Defi and AMM Yield Farming model. The investors used to deposit a pair of token in the liquidity pool (LP) in AMM projects. This, yields rewards from the transactions in the pool. The participant trader gets a reward from the yields of the pool. This is called Liquidity Mining.

Moreover, when new projects are introduced in the BSC, the trader is allowed to do pair staking in the popular tokens as in ETH and BTC. The popularity increases traders demand, which in turn results to high yields of the LP tokens.

This process causes inflation because of the demand and supply forces. Some projects model varies their tokens. This restrains the liquidity sustainability in the long run.

MocktailSwap management team profers a good solution to this issue and plans to improve the system sustainability. Their of liquidity mining platform allows other BSC projects (NLP) to join the network.
The other (NLP) tokens will be staked, these NLP tokens will earn MOK tokens which can be used in liquidity mining. This allows the other projects to be free to grow on their own. Thus, creating sustainability.

This mining process attracts more projects to the BSC, and this yields more rewards to the users. The users give in turn percentages of the rewards to the pool, which will be distributed to MOK holders.



Every investor needs good return on funds invested in any project. MocktailSwap (MOK) token has good investor friendly features which promises to yield good return on investment for the investors. It offers opportunity to crypto investors to grow their fund because of its viability.