Gaming Merchandise You Should Have: Minecraft Light-up Wall Torch

         Anyhow, here's a much more non-Steem post for everyone else to enjoy.

         Writing about this because last year I received a Minecraft Torch for my birthday. I was never a super Minecraft fan, but I have always enjoy playing it back in my university days. My friends and I actually had a private server back then. That's what happens when 6 men rent a house and they had access to Google Fiber.

         I do enjoy having these gaming items around because that's who I am. In fact, I even have an Amiibo instead of fuzzy dice for my car. It reflects who I am.

Product photo

         As you can see, it's not an expensive item at $26.85 at time of posting. As for its collectible, I have no clue because mine is already out of the box. Point being, this is an official licensed item. So, it's legit

         For the most part, it hangs on the wall. Sometimes, kids play with them during one of their adventures. It's pretty safe for a child to play with despite the age 6 and up recommendation. As long as they don't hit each other on the head with it, it's most likely fine.

         It only needs 3 triple AAA batteries to operate. The brightness dims over time as the batteries deplete. You could run it for several nights (~8-hour increments) before you have to change the batteries. Let me tell you, it's actually very bright. Here's a picture of it in a completely dark room.

         The funny part is, the kids playing with the torch haven't had experience with Minecraft yet. Fear not, though, that day will come. Until then, there are other items in the series one could get from Amazon.

         One of them is the Diamond Ore light:

         Why would you want this? Because it's cool.

         How about an Redstone Ore light?

         Let's go a step further and get a color change lamp in the shape of a Potion:

         Anyways, you could find more fun items at ThinkGeek's shop over at Amazon. They have more than Minecraft items. So, be careful about throwing your wallet away.

         If you want to go all out on your Minecraft buying spree, say no more and go straight to this destination:

         I will not be responsible for any misuse of personal funds.

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Love me some Amiibos. Very interested in RFID / NFC tech. Was waiting on this 3d printer Kickstarter I invested in to finally deliver. It's been YEARS for little hobby crypto project.

Perhaps one day!

This is a meaty post.

Have some !CHOPS 4 fresh off the grill!

What's this Kickstarter?


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