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RE: Think politics and the military industrial complex have nothing to do with you?

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Bravo! reblogging and adding something fun! REAL FUN! People in some of these fields have a party every year in honor of the "scientists" whose many names you named up there , they do an Oktoberfest style celebration.
that is the damn truth but am putting op/ed on the end, yup they do it every effing year to celebrate with all German food and beer and they fu**ing damn well know how and who they are partying for.
op/ed only


It astounds me that some folks are still clueless to what is playing out off the field and behind the doors.

The nazi's won the war, and moved to 'murica!

Read all about it.

they sure did , not to even mention the horrors of that Japanese unit that was so vile even Hitler was disgusted with what experiments were done....then America imported some as well.
People CHOOSE to remain ignorant either through being dumbed down with whatever the hell they spray, inject, feed or show us or are bigtime part of the problem.
The amount of money spent on some things are astounding, why I happen to think even things like crypto and such may be a psyop. puts on tinfoil hat op/ed and those 'dinners' absolutely happen, @antisocialist do you have a discord or such?

These secret societies and hidden cults have been doing very bad things since before history could be written.
They learned to control the flow of information into a group because it made controlling them easier.
Getting a normie to read a book is nearly impossible, what with all the cat videos and bum fights.
Yet, reading is the quickest way to escape the mind control.

I was gonna dm you, but discord wouldn't let me.
We share a couple servers.