Good news for Xbox gaming users, Microsoft adds new games to Xbox

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Microsoft has introduced new games full of suspense and adventure for Xbox. (Photo: File)

Silicon and Yeli: Microsoft has added more new games to xbox.

Microsoft has introduced more new games for its gaming console Xbox.

The games released for Xbox are as follows.

In a re-computed game, players face challenges to discover new things to survive, fight, hack computer systems, and stay awake. The focus of this game revolves primarily around tracking hidden secrets.


Twelve Minutes:
Tovelo Minutes is a thrilling game in which a person is caught in time imprisonment and has to get out of it using his intellect.


Must Game will be available to users from August 26. In this game, players have to explore a mysterious island and discover long-standing relationships and the treachery of a family.


Cyconouts 2:
The Cyconouts 2 will be available to users exactly a day after it is launched on Game Xbox. It consists of game suspense and more conspiracies.