Microscope Photography: Winter Wonderland Edition

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Hey friends! Well I have a video to go with this one but DTube is apparently not letting me upload today. I checked the Discord and other people are having this problem too so hopefully it gets worked out soon, and I'll have a video uploaded at a later date. :)

In the meantime, here are the still shots of snow under a microscope! :D





These were all taken holding it in my hand inside, lol. I tried to go out onto the balcony and just stuff the microscope (I have a pen-type one) into the snow on the ledge, and I couldn't see anything on my screen in the light, lol. So it was a race against it melting in my hand ...which is why I have a video, because melting snow under a microscope looks pretty cool. ^_^

I hope you enjoyed these photos, and if I get the video to upload to DTube, I'll add a link! Stay warm! :)

Update: Here's the video post: https://steemit.com/dtube/@phoenixwren/t0flv2vhzfr ...however, the traditional upload straight to DTube still wasn't working, so I tried to use my FB link where I uploaded it there. It won't embed on DTube, though, so you can only click the link and watch it on FB. Sigh! But the link is there if you want to see it. :)

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Hey, thanks so much! :)

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Really cool shots! They look like glass.

Thanks! Yeah I loved doing it! I'm glad they turned out. :)

How very odd @phoenixwren, I dug out and tried using MY microscope camera today. None of my current computers has a working disc drive, so I can't use the software that came with it.
Here is a shot of an image from the back of a grocery store receipt

And here is the skin on the back of my hand

Looks like I need to moisturize (NOT)

Ha ha ha ha. Moisturize that skin!
I don't use the software that came with my microscope because it turned out to be spyware! I just plug it in and my laptop treats it as though my computer has a front facing camera. I "flip" to the other camera and there it is. :)

ha ha ha ha...software for a camera is spyware...😎 How apropos 👀

When I originally got the thing, I used the disk and the zoom and snap buttons on the device functioned. Now they don't. What I read about using the "plug-n-play" was that this was expected.
Minor inconvenience. What is a major inconvenience is my inability to find a surface that the suction cup mount will stick too.
Having to manually focus the think with the wheel ON the camera makes the image shake, breaks the camera loose from the suction cup and on and on.💣
I'm glad you've gotten yours to function for you @phoenixwren

Fascinating shots. I'd like to see the video.

Thanks! Hopefully I can get it to load at another time.