Microscope Photography: Science Is Gross Edition

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Greetings Steem friends, it's been a minute since we did a science, so let's dive right in to magnified gross things, shall we?

science is gross cat barf 1.jpg

Whose home are you in? Mine. That's why you get to look at crusty cat barf under a microscope. You're welcome!

science is gross cat barf 3.jpg
Even larger cat barf

science is gross spider web 2.jpg

Okay the lighting on this one is terrible because I didn't MOVE it to press the microscope up against it properly (remember, I have one of those pen-style microscopes), but this is a spider web! I'm pretty sure this is Artemis' web as it was on one side of the fridge and he's usually hanging out on the other side when I can see him. Little One hangs out by the stove, and Luna lives in the bathroom. There's another one under the rocking chair in the living room that I haven't named yet. Those are the spiderfrens.

science is gross dust.jpg

Dust! Yeah so I need to dust the mantle, what?

science is gross cloth moth egg.jpg

I unearthed what I hope (!!!) is the last cluster of cloth moth fuckery in the apartment the other day. I have been going weeks without seeing a single cloth moth, so I know I've got them mostly beat but I didn't quite have them annihilated. So after I pulled up the clothes that had gotten eaten (they were in the repair pile, ergo, not "away" in the closet or anything ...yeah so I'm not repairing them now), but before I vacuumed the floor around where they had been sitting on top of a box, I snapped this photo of what I'm pretty sure is their eggs in the carpet. Their eggs look like grains of sand, and when you've found their love nest you'll see what looks like terrible, cocoon-y dust, and sand. I washed off the box which definitely had eggs on it before I thought to break out the microscope, but there was this little cluster on the floor which I think was eggs too that I took a photo of. LOL. For science!

science is gross Okocat litter.jpg

A grain of Okocat wood-based cat litter. LOL. I told you you are in the kitty kingdom...

science is gross citrus mold.jpg

I saved the grossest for last: what inspired this post in the first place. Mold. I forgot about some citrus pulp I had in the fridge that I was going to try making popsicles with after I juiced the last of the citrus grew it totally on purpose for some cool microscope photography, yo.

So now that you think my apartment is a biohazard, I hope you enjoyed this edition of microscope photography! Have a wonderful day! :)

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You are right, cool but gross! Fascinating though....

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 3 years ago 

Oh nice!

I'm glad these are back.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to check it out!
Yeah I've been meaning to do one for a while but I couldn't think of what to photograph, lol. I have some slides on my wish list so I'll probably have lots more to post once I get those and start looking at things that way.

So excited to hear that we both have spider pets! 🤓

It's real growth on my part as my phobia used to be too terrible to even tolerate the little ones. But now I have spiderfrens! As long as they don't, ya know, come on my bed or anything. X3

I love these!

Ha ha, thanks. :) !BEER


I didn't know you could call STEM too! :O

 3 years ago 

It summons people's STEM alts.

Not really

Oh, I see! Thanks for the clarification.

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