Microscope Photography: For Science!!!

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Hello, Steem fam!

So I ordered a birthday present for myself a while ago on Wish, and it came late last night (we've been getting our mail very late). A microscope that plugs into my computer!

After some misadventures figuring it out - DO NOT download the software it tells you to, it has a Trojan virus on it because of course it does - thankfully my antivirus stopped the download - I discovered that if I just plug it in, I can use it via the camera on my laptop. Adjust magnification on the scope, take photo on laptop.

So I ran around taking photos of things in my apartment real quick, thoroughly enjoying playing with my new toy. I plan on doing some more interesting photos in future! But for now, check out the fun with me! :)

The fabric of my tapestry that serves as a curtain in the living room:

Yuan fur! I tried to take a photos of Maggie's first, but she kept moving like, "WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING ME WITH THAT THING??!" so I'm going to have to try again when she's mellow. >.>


What it looks like with the scratched up lens cap on, lol. I didn't realize at first that there was one on:



Inside a blue calcite geode:


A dead cloth moth lying in the dust on my truck-full-o'-yarn. The brown line is the cloth moth, or part of it, anyway, I was having a difficult time trying to focus on it:

My skin!

The corner of the painting I did of the Morrigan (so, acrylic paint):

Bubbles in the sink!


Moar fabrics!
Various blankets on and around my papasan, as well as my shorts (photo #3):
Red/blue quit (red side):
same blanket, but closer


70s quilt:


Quilting batting (yeah, I need to repair the 70s quilt):

Pink crocheted blanket:

A feather:


...I tried to get some photos of plant leaves, but I am going to keep trying because I couldn't see the chlorophyll cells or anything (which according to the magnification of this scope, I should be able to do? I think?). I think me just holding it up to them and holding them still with my fingers isn't quite gonna cut it, so we shall try again. :)

I hope you enjoyed my random cool microscope photos! I am having so much fun with this. Science!!!!!!

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I really liked Feather and the corner of the painting one too <3 Looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks! I already have some ideas of what to try next. :D


That's freaky cool isn't it? Good purchase!

The shapes/geometry in that one really tripped me out too!

Looks like a rose crystal or something, super cool :)

Thanks! I'm super happy with it. :D

You should be, they are brill!

This looks like a great birthday present! I hope you will have a lot of fun with it (and share some of the fun with us).

Thank you! I was just playing with it again this morning. Post #3 will be forthcoming. :D

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Thanks very much!

 3 years ago 

Haha amazing stuff!

What prompted you to purchase a microscope in the first place?

I've wanted one for years, really. I just enjoy learning more about the world and seeing things from new and different perspectives. I didn't know that microscopes came in anything but the traditional on-a-pedestal setup where you could fit a slide underneath, until I was poking around on Wish and saw that they also came in these little marker-shape ones that plug in to the computer and I was all OOOOOOOHHHHH I CAN LOOK AT EEEEEEEVERYTHIIIING lol!