Microscope Photography: Biology Edition

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Welcome back to another edition of microscope photography! :D The theme for today is ...biology? Yeah, let's go with "biology." X3


I finally got some good plant leaf photos! That makes me happy. This is a purple Wandering Dude leaf (if you're confused, a plant group I'm in discovered that the name "Wandering Jew" for this plant is really anti-semitic in origin - there was a medieval myth about a Jewish man who laughed at Jesus or wouldn't help him or something, so was condemned to walk the Earth until the second coming; then that myth was used as Nazi propaganda - so we decided to call these plants Wandering Dudes instead):

WIN_20190817_13_21_56_Pro purple wandering dude.jpg

Green Wandering Dude leaf:
So you see how shiny the green one is? That was kinda the problem with some of the other leaves I tried. Maybe the purple leaf turned out better because it was darker. There are lights on the microscope that can be turned off, but then you can't see anything, lol
WIN_20190817_13_22_37_Pro green wandering dude.jpg


My hair:
Mah blond straw
WIN_20190817_13_11_26_Pro my hair.jpg

Maggie fur (she let me do it this time)!
WIN_20190817_13_12_13_Pro Maggie fur.jpg

Kitty whiskers (I collect the shed ones when I find them, so no, I didn't grab my cat's faces and put a microscope to them, lol):
WIN_20190817_13_15_55_Pro kitty whiskers.jpg


a canvas stretcher bar - one of those sticks you use to stretch canvas for painting on over and staple into place

WIN_20190817_13_23_25_Pro cinnamon broom.jpg
cinnamon broom

WIN_20190817_13_35_44_Pro wooden folding table.jpg
wooden folding table


Ashes & Dirt:

incense ashes

WIN_20190817_13_21_03_Pro homemade compost.jpg
homemade compost


WIN_20190817_13_38_18_Pro blue leather.jpg
dyed blue leather pencil case

WIN_20190817_13_38_36_Pro not worn leather 2.jpg
unworn leather from the side of my shoe

WIN_20190817_13_39_09_Pro worn leather.jpg
worn leather from the front of the shoe

So, these are what I am talking about. See that front spot on the shoe where I really need to polish it again? That's the cool looking last photo. Worn shoes for science? LOL
WIN_20190817_13_40_41_Pro (2).jpg


Because you know I love me some fibers under a microscope.


WIN_20190817_13_32_51_Pro silk.jpg
the silk photos are all from a skirt I have that is made from recycled saris


WIN_20190817_13_36_15_Pro plaid.jpg
plaid, baby!

WIN_20190817_13_13_52_Pro denim.jpg


Okay, this last one is less "biology," but the photo looks wicked cool:
WIN_20190817_13_27_25_Pro brass singing bowl.jpg

So there you have it,

Phoenix has fun with his microscope again. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! Have a great day, Steem fam! <3

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You have some cool photos here.

Thanks! :)

Wow you should make this a regular post of yours and do a few new pics a week.

I love it.

Thanks! I've been having fun with it. :D

What kind of camera are you using for this @phoenixwren? I bought a
USB Microscope camera that takes some good images such as this
But it didn't come with any sort of really steady mount, so that
While I'm rolling the focus wheel, it moves around a lot.

Yours looks almost exactly like mine, but mine came with no mount at all. I'm just scrolling the magnification, finding the right place for a good photo, and clicking the button on my laptop to take the shot. Sometimes with my toe if I'm holding the microscope with one hand and the object in the other. XD
I was just wondering if it does actually get the magnification it claims it does, because I am watching Journey To The Microcosmos on YouTube and they are getting tardigrades at like 600X. I'm not even seeing chloroplasts (those pore looking parts on the plant leaf is as close as I've gotten so far). Though perhaps it's the setup - being a point-and-shoot instead of a light-from-underneath like on a compound microscope (the kind on a base that you put a slide under)? I don't know. But I'm having fun regardless.
I did just discover I can shoot video with it AND record my voice via the laptop at the same time, so if ever I do get some visible bacteria or something, I can video them and commentate. :D
Edit: hmmm, maybe I'm not seeing some things because I'm trying to look at whole leaves instead of a tiny sliver on a slide. Must look into making slides...

Good Luck, let me know how that turns out. I'm about to begin moving
Yet again, so I hope once this move is accomplished, I will have
A better environment and time to pursue things like this.

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Looking at other things under a microscope you see a whole cool world I never knew existed this are such amazing shots

Thanks! I'm having so much fun exploring my world with it. :D

I could see that from your post 👍😎👍

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Thanks very much! :)

These are just brill :)

Keep them coming!

Thank you! ^_^