Metaverse the new Frontier

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Metaverse the new Frontier is boasting of infinite space and endless borders.

The Older Generations and the Baby Boomers consider Metaverse as part of Science Fiction.

People see it as part of their imagination, a fantasy, a future concept, and an idea. They read it in books, and they watch it on shows on television and movie theaters

As per Wikipedia the term "metaverse" has its origins in the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash as a portmanteau of "meta" and "universe."

Enter the Metaverse

Fast forward, it is now a reality, and since the Big Shots in Modern Technology like Facebook are investing and providing massive support for this development. These include popular Companies and Brands like Adidas. Millennials are now entering a new territory, a new frontier in the digital world which is the metaverse.
The Metaverse is something that can be described as a collection of virtual shared space. It combines enhanced physical reality with virtual space. It is created using 3D representation which is enhanced when time and sound are added. When time is added it usually becomes the 4th dimension.


A Place for Rest and Recreation

Metaverse provides the infrastructure through which users can control what they experience in any chosen universe. The user can visit, explore, interact with other people in these virtual spaces, avatars, or objects.

The first thing to know about the Metaverse is that it’s not just one thing. There are many different realities on the internet called “metaverses”, each of which has its own rules and capabilities. Some may be more restrictive but also good than others; some might be less restrictive but better than others; some might offer free content while others may charge for it.

Although this world is not new for gamers and students like pilots and drivers where they learn from simulations and simulators. The majority of the population is still new to this concept.
With the advent of AR and VR technology, real-world environments are being merged with computer-generated content. The future of this technology is limitless as it is not only used for gaming but also in education, healthcare, and more.

AR and VR can be used to create any kind of environment by merging the real world with computer-generated content. This makes it possible to create anything from a virtual classroom to conferences.
It’s used to create and experience content together, as well as communicate with other people on the internet.

But with the onset of home quarantines, we are now experiencing the rapid development of this technology.

Greetings to Everybody
Stay Safe

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Good read, but for as long this metaverse is Zuckerbergs toy I’m not going to use it. 😉

Hopefully, Splinterland, Decentraland and others will stay as decentralized on the blockchain.


Not interested into Facebook or any of their ventures. 👎

Indeed. This would all be so much better (and trustworthy) if it was decentralized on the blockchain.

Otherwise we are just writing a Sword Art Online script with Mark Zuckerberg as the antagonist!

Good read.

appreciate your reply.
thank you

Several commenters mentioned FB because the Zuck is so vocal about taking FB meta, but I think your point (if I understand correctly) is that the metaverse is not just one thing.

I would like to see some sort of interconnection of metaverses on stable blockchains. That would be cool.

This type of thing has been discussed in sci fi since at least Philip K. Dyck btw. And it was discussed in the early days of the internet, but speeds would not permit it.


Hoping that FB/meta will not be controlling the metaverse because of his influence,
people seems to be fed up.
I do believe that metaverse is not only one thing.
The good news is that we are already experiencing what is once a sci fi.

You have a great knowledge about the metaverse.
I see our being on hive as one as well, attended the last hive fest on VR and it was a great experience.

Nice to hear that you had a great experience.

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