Metaverse as a Healing Session

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„Let them come“, says the Lich King and he opened the door of the Icecrown Citadel to the humans❄️


That was my favorite sentence as I played the World of Warcraft 8 years long, when I felt I cannot understand the outside world and I stayed in virtual one for a while.

Same crazines is outside again. The humas will come to the “Icecrown Citadel” soon and maybe they could finally accept some subconscious “reprograming” through the virtual world. Maybe the reprogrammed humans will no longer want to destroy the planet and themselves when they come out of the “Icecrown Citadel” 🙏✨


Metaverse should have more spiritual leaders, healers, Gurus, Shamans. Tools are tools, there are no good or bad possibilities, just possibilities.

The light workers could also be the part of global re-creation through Metaverse.


At the end of the story, who leads the Seven Kingdoms? 😉👁

Sings are everywhere. Which frequency of the Logos you recieve depends of your own.

ps. I’m meditating regulary for the Metaverse P2E (play to earn) version of World of Warcraft 🙏🙌🤭



get back into Gaming :) cooliooooo

Is it not amazing? We have finally the possibility to earn through gaming!!! I was praying for that before many years, and here we are: the Universe ALWAYS fulfills your wishes, “he” just waits for you to be ready to receive ✨🤩

I was never into playing games but its interesting to see you are :)

Ohh, it was one of the funniest parts of mi life😄
I was a Night Elf fairy and I was living inside the trees and crystal caves, I could change the form to bear, cat, seal, bird, dancing tree and I could fly, swim, run, be what I want.

Hahaah damn sweet!!!!