What do you think about metasht ?

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How to build a Metasht with only few billions

Step n°1 - Attract all funds of the good old financial system (easy with your billions) : market stock, financial institutions
Step n°2 - Promise new employments to buy governments and implicetly media and so implicitly parents consent (everyone will complain later when it is too late as everytime)
Step n°3 - Reinvent the chat wheel (more 20 years later...), a mega chat wheel where everything you do is recorded at everytime (wow)
Step n°4 - Rebuy all current famous games brand to attract young kids on it (and a bunch of some very old perverts)

It's expensive, you haven't invented anything, but it works !

So now what could possibly goes wrong for us ? What could just goes right for us ?

I like technology, sociability and science but this is none of each. I simply don't consider that life is so miserable to invest billions to build second fake life and I honestly think that those billions could be invested for something else. I don't want that metasht as a place for educating our kids and nor for my personal job interviews.

Let discuss this on Hive around a warm fire. Please share your point of view on that issue (pros and/or cons)

Have a good week end all !



It's Second Life with augmented reality. I really don't want to live or work with a screen very close to my eyes.


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