🔬#MESExperiments 20: Forced Precession of a Gyroscope Generates Inertial Lift (i.e. Weight Loss) (DTube)

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In #MESExperiments 20 I’ve uploaded one of the least known experiments by the late great Eric Laithwaite and it is among the clearest demonstrations of gyroscopic weight loss through forced precession. This experiment involves placing a gyro wheel with a shaft that is loosely connected onto a vertical rod which allows the gyro and shaft setup to freely move upwards if the gyro “chooses” to. And choosing to rise upwards is exactly what it does as Eric forces the precession with an external looped structure which he pushes against the end of the shaft.

As the gyro torques upwards and thus the center of mass increases so too does the entire gyro + shaft setup rise; and in fact rise completely airborne for a brief moment. Thus, had there been a weight scale underneath, it would measure a zero weight reading as it was airborne; in other words, the gyro “loses weight” during forced precession, or more accurately, as the center of mass increases and without expected downwards reaction (which otherwise would increase the weight scale reading akin to a person pushing off the ground when jumping upwards).

This experiment is taken from the BBC “Heretics” series referenced below. Interestingly it is not available on YouTube, and BBC doesn’t allow anyone to upload it there either; thus raising the question of why the tax payer funded BBC, to the tune of about $5+ billion per year, places a cover on science. In fact even the video itself is a coverup of true gyro physics as it intermixes Eric's (conventional) physics defying experiments with nonsense commentary from the narrator and fake "scientists" that serve to merely confuse the public.

Luckily I found an upload on Dailymotion and have also added a local video download link in case it gets removed there too.

Interestingly, this simple and clear-cut demonstration of gyroscopic weight loss is something that controlled fake science outlets such as the Veritasium YouTube channel (along with the BBC and Wikipedia et al) would rather have covered up; and which I explain in further detail in my world changing #AntiGravity Part 6 video: https://steemit.com/antigravity/@mes/antigravity-part-6-video-1-objects-in-rotation-defy-mainstream-physics-mes-duality-concept.

Also, I would briefly like to mention that, as explained in #MESScience 1: https://steemit.com/messcience/@mes/messcience-1-how-does-a-powerball-gyroscope-work-gyros-are-inverted-pendulums, that precession is always forced, hence a gyroscope when merely rising on its own like in many of my earlier experiments should also be losing weight as the center of mass rises. But in those cases the rate of rising is often too slow for most weight scales to detect.

The full experiment results can be viewed on Steemit: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-20-forced-precession-of-a-gyroscope-generates-inertial-lift-i-e-weight-loss.

Stay Tuned for #MESExperiments 21…

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▶️ DTube

In #MESExperiments 20 I have uploaded one of the late great Eric Laithwaite’s greatest and least known experiments which shows that simple forced precession can cause a gyroscope to lift completely airborne, and thus lose all of its weight.

View Full Experiment Results on Steemit: https://steemit.com/mesexperiments/@mes/mesexperiments-20-forced-precession-of-a-gyroscope-generates-inertial-lift-i-e-weight-loss

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