Induced mass psychosis, murder of the mass mind.

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What we are experiencing today is a mass Menticide. This is an induced Mass Psychosis, the mass murder of the mass mind. The reason why you hear such wild contradictions being spoken in reply to your questions about Covid is that mass irrationality has been cleverly induced. People in the grip of this irrationality will parrot in the same sentence self-contradictory nonsense statements they have absorbed from the media, media that they unfortunately trust. They do not realize the media, the newspapers and news agencies they accepted as normal and honest 20 years ago have become so dishonest, so corrupt. Concentration of the ownership of all mass media has turned it into an instrument to mislead and misuse them, even hypnotize them. Our modern population is deliberately being herded into a global totalitarian slavery by a mass media monster they scarcely believe in, even as the monster closes its jaws on them. We don’t believe in monsters. That’s why monsters can sneak up on us.

People don’t believe in hypnosis. They don’t believe that they could be hypnotized without them being aware of it. They don’t believe a person can be hypnotized to believe insanity and think it’s sanity. They don’t believe that they could be subject to post hypnotic suggestions implanted by the little hypnotist in their pockets which they think is a telephone. Thus they slip into an unreal world.

The key vulnerability to hypnosis of most people these days is that they do not know how strongly they are imbedded in a mass consensus opinion which can now be manipulated deliberately using high technology. The rapid development of globalized mass media and its concentration in very few hands has taken people by complete surprise. The mass media juggernaut they carry around in their pockets has been normalized. They do not realize the power of mass hypnosis they are open to whenever they consult their smart phones.

The advent of this high technology has sprung like a tiger on modern society. Google is barely 20 years old but now its handful of owners and managers control the flow of almost 90% of all digitally archived knowledge. Facebook was founded in 2004 and YouTube and Twitter are even younger. This is too fast a historical development for the collectivity of modern humanity to recognize and objectify. Almost all people today are living in the past. Even the habits and thoughts of ten years ago are now obsolete.

Mass hypnosis is now possible as it wasn’t even 15 years ago. People in the prime of productive adulthood were born into, and have lived their whole lives surrounded in, a sea of electromagnetic transmissions controlled by a handful of people with wealth and power most people cannot conceive possible.

The absurdity of the Climate Crisis hoax was a dress rehearsal, an experiment in the inducement of mass irrationality. That experiment was successful. I have been literally screamed at by a friend because I questioned the rationality of "Climate Crisis" and "Global Warming”, that CO2 at 0.04% of the atmosphere could burn up the earth. He believes that the CO2 we all exhale and that plants must have in order to live is a pollutant that will destroy the earth in a decade or so. He’s in his 50s so he must have learned about photosynthesis in grade school. But that has been erased by a mass fanaticism induced by mass hypnosis. Liberally educated people in our culture dismiss religion as childish fantasy, they think they are immune to mass fanaticism and they disbelieve in mass hypnosis. This is why they are so vulnerable to it. The "Climate Change" hoax was phase one. Phase two is Covid.

Try talking to someone about the Covid. They will say that they must get vaccinated to protect themselves and others but that the vaccine doesn’t stop them from getting and spreading the Covid, so you must be vaccinated too to protect them, otherwise you will spread the Covid. They are completely incapable of realizing that this formulation is as insane as the ravings of a schizophrenic. They do not realize that there can be such a thing as a collective consciousness and that their thoughts may not be their own. Still less do they realize that the collective consensus opinion can be twisted into a state of mass irrationality which has caught them up and turned their sane minds into sick minds.

What happened to the people of Germany in the 1920s and 1930s was induced mass insanity which prepared them to accept a totalitarian slavery they could not have dreamed of forty years previously. They were assaulted by the new mass media technology of radio.

Today we are being assaulted by a new technology. The word “Viral” to describe the rapidity of the new mental infection is far more appropriate than we realize. We are being prepared for a global totalitarian Technocracy by people even more ambitious than the millionaires who backed the Nazis and even more powerfully equipped with the technological means to capture the globe.

But we aren’t swallowed yet, reality is stronger than insanity and it will prevail. Already resistance is growing and people are freeing themselves.

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourself can free our mind.” – Bob Marley