Is hive workimg? Is it me?

in #meme8 months ago

Haha yes it is me!! I am honored to be the meme poster boy for
The power of SCIENCE!
The hair the shirt. It took no time at all to match them up. In the same time span era around 1979. Choose your own adventure for real!

Little do you know. I will tell you. I was born in canada winnipeg manitoba. For real. My dad was doing post graduate degree. He really was a scientist. Me i guess im just a poster boy for the bomb. Funny thing is being a dual citizen the bush regime must have upped the surveillance on all dual citizens. I think the observers get tired of just surveilling so they start to play tricks and somewhere along the line i got savvy to them watching and i know they know that i know. There you have it. Ive been a pacifist advocate for human rights all my life and you know what they do. They think im radical terrorist. Im on some high threat level to go sleeper cell balistic. Pffft. Whatever. In 2013 sure as shit i had a false bomb threat called in on my happy go lucky sick from lyme ass at creve couer lake park at the dripping springs suicide waterfall. I was warming up a sax from a half year in the case and i know i sounded awful but it didnt warrant twelve officers and rangers pointing their lethal clock punch snub nosed glock smurf nelsons at me, i was in the worst show of twilight zone ever. The more i think about it the more ludacris and contrived it seems. I bet they had tapped my blackberry torch 9810. The NSA was in my google snooping around the articles i had read. Nobody remembers right before edward snowden a thing called hack the white house . It worked a little too well as it revealed IRS employees by the droves evading paying their taxes. Is it me? Is this some nandela effected memory it is so unreal. Yeah i got busted on a false bomb threat for having a suspicious case that ended up having a saxophone in it. I got rid of it a yanigasawa alto with a fancy f#key the octave key underslung on the neck . Got it used for 300$ sold it back to the same columbia pawn shop for a trade on a student level selmer. The selmer plays great and no espionage attached to it . The case looks more like the traditional square sax case instead of that expanding red mercury black hole expander that i had hidden within the case under the plastic next to all those loaded syringes of cocaine water i had forgotten i had prepared years before. Northern Nova!! Hahahaha google. Northern Nova. Did that trigger you you spying intrusive law breaking NSA AT&T boot licker deep underground military base smartest bunch of dumb Huffler Muggles you ever done plumb met. Cowards really. They do damage all day and drive home to damage their families insider tip hired thriugh bush daughter adderall seduction blackmail ordered brides who keep taps on the poor Morks and their Farkles. I preferred boing boing myself. So heres to science you government peepers and creeps with your all day looky looks at my indescent lack of clothes on purpose. Yeah i need to lose weight. These last few have been a doozy all sedentary offering mynsoul to the vast lonliness of the internet day after day watching dogecoins invest like water torture drip drip drip drop drip. Makes me think of the expander i had forgotten to tske out of the sax case. Some kid could of accidently press the two buttons simultenously and this world would experience spaghettification in all its super fast slomo gore glory. FU bush regime FU blackberry FU .google FU B. venn FU q.palmer FU maryland hates heights you bullies that bully thinkin your doin the right thing fu. For real tho. I am a pacifist and all metafiction put aside life is already difficult i dont want to see anybody have to suffer. Even tho this life is suffering. So om mani padme him ya’ll if you dont know what it means look it up. My interpretation is through the universatality of oneness can we relate to all cognizant life forms throughout the crystalline multi infinite verse and through one ness may we make it so all of our sufferings and pain be reduced and minimized so we can focus on completing our unique spiritual task. And then amitaba buddha. Amihtahba buddha bidhisattva wouldnt become buddha unless we all became buddha christ conciousness is nice conciousness.





Not a drop of rewards for what i thought was a damn. fine important post.

Makes me think somethings wrong.
Back in the day i would be able to
Drive my posts using
Bid bots
Though it seemed
Like that was crickets too.
It must be me.


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