The Magic of the Human Nervous System

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The Human Nervous System is a magnificent and fascinating instrument! It is the way that our organism receives all sensory input, how it interprets that information, and then how it responds too. So our whole experience as a human organism is processed with the nervous system!!!

It is bio-electricity , so it is like lightning pulsing to everywhere in the body, where information can be given and received! And wherever there is electricity there is a corresponding magnetic field as a result. So with the beauty and powerful electricity flowing through these bodies there is a field of magnetism that is reflected and surrounds the whole organism. An electro magnetic field!

There are even some great studies on the electromagnetic field that is unique to the heart. So the heart space is an important place to tune into! Perhaps with a soft smile if you read my previous blog post!

The Nervous system is classified into two main subsections the Central Nervous System, and the Peripheral Nervous System. The Central Nervous system being composed of the brain and spinal cord! The electricity of the spinal cord and brain encased in cerebrospinal fluid. That is Fire held in Water.

Often when we think of electricity hitting water it is bzzzzz. A discordant shock! Yet here is electricity in water, and magic is taking place! A human being is experiencing life! This is much less of a scientific textbook, and much more of a fascination with what it means to be human being, and what is this instrument we are experiencing creation through!

So the Central Nervous System being this primal, incredible spinal cord and brain. The Nervous System extends through out the body in a complex array nerve pathways sending information and receiving information from all parts of the body. This is called the Peripheral Nervous System. Although it is all one system! They call the major components of this system the Autonomic and Somatic systems. Autonomic being all the things that are unconsciously controlled in the body, like the function of internal organs. And thee Somatic being voluntary controlled like bodily movement and such! The Autonomic System is divided into two subsections as well. Although again, this is all the Human Nervous System, an integrated functioning instrument of beauty, that is not fully explained. Life here is absolutely a great mystery of Divine Love and Expression!!!

Anyway the parasympathetic nervous system is in charge of the secretions in the body, in charge of digestion, erections, all things with relaxation and resting! The Sympathetic nervous system is in charge of all things that have to do with fight or flight. Stimulating work and the like. In these times now most peoples sympathetic nervous system is way overstimulated and the parasympathetic nervous system is weakened and not able to respond. So we have over stressed and anxious human beings. Thats what we call the rat race yeah? People in a whirlwind of ding stuff without integrating and relaxing and nurturing their systems so they get burnt up, anxious, and stressed out!

In my opinion, based on my experience, stress is a good thing. When it is processed and integrated with the right perspective! It can provide an opportunity to grow the nervous system and increase the strength of the parasympathetic response. Given that the mind (attention/intention) is attuned properly! With Gratitude, with deep inner standing and patience!!! We can not control what comes in life experience, yet we can control where our attention is and where our intention is. These are our powerful tools of manifestation and they can often get thrown around willy nilly, which unfortunately leads to a lot of confusion and feeling lost, for people.

Like I have said and am repeating the Nervous system is an integrated whole instrument, that I don't think is fully explained or understood, although there are all these names we have given different functions, we have observed. There is definitely some value to the defining, so I am not throwing it to the side. Yet I am saying that learning to integrate, and nurture our system and cultivate it to have a blissful experience as a human being is very important!

Some ways to do this is through the breath! I made a post on conscious breathing that you can refer to for technique. Yet here I am just pointing to look at something. Many peoples breaths at the moment are very shallow, and rapid. There are certain emotional/mental states that are result of that shallow breath. Maybe take a moment now and observe the depth of your breath and how you feel from head to toe and all around! And then sit straight and take a 5 second inhale, hold the breath like butterfly for 5 seconds, and exhale for 5 seconds. Do this a few times and notice what it does to your system! If you are adept this will be easy, if it is difficult no problem you can do less seconds evenly and build your way slowly. Most people will be able to do this though! Observing the state that puts you in, slowly work your way to 10 seconds inhale, 10 seconds holding like a butterfly, 10 seconds exhale. Key words patience, nurturing, slowly work your way up to higher times, yet observing the effects you could imagine where this goes when you go deeper. Eventually if you practice breathing consciously regularly you will be able to do 20 second inhale, 20 seconds holding lightly like a butterfly, and 20 second exhale completely. If you can do this for 10+ minutes. You can control your mind with ease! You can control your nervous system with ease. You can bring deep peace into the most strenuous of situations! there are many ways to manipulate the breath for specific effects, thats no what this post is about. It somehow got brought to the breath, because that is the most direct and effective way to work with your nervous system. Whenever someone is having a freakout, often people will tell them take a deep breath, although unfortunately that can send someone freaking out into more of a freak out! If only they deeepened the breath!!! The Breath my beloved human family! The Breath of Life!!
If you want to creatively control your nervous system, creatively control your mind. A deep, powerful, nurturing breath is the most direct way to do so!!!!

This short description on the nervous system and how to work with it, hopefully is helpful, and hopefully leads you to learn something, and more things!
In this magical existence of Electricity and Magnetism, dancing in their divine mosaic of creative expression. Here this Human organism is a powerful culmination and instrument to experience the creation! As an inseparable part of the whole existence, there is electricity pumping through these bodies, magnificent magnetism throughout and around us! A Microcosm with the Macrocosm! A drop of water in the Divine Ocean of the Cosmos, inseparable, integral and a beautiful gift this is here!

If you have any questions please ask!
If I didn't mention something you think is important please leave a comment!

Thank You Family as we grow and learn in this classroom of earth, in the temples of these human bodies, let joyful, blissful, experiences fill you!

Our choices matter!
Our voice has power!

You are Loved Dearly!

Thank You All!!!