Lemons Give You Lemonade

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I recently bought a 2021 MacBook Air to replace my 2015 MacBook Pro that had an uncooperative keyboard. The blasted thing would alternate between the V key sticking, typing an endless string of “V’s” and not working at all.

It was time to upgrade anyway. I worked that old MacBook like a rented mule and served me well for over six years. I wrote three books on the old laptop and spent hundreds of hours blogging, I more than put it through its paces.

The new MacBook Air is better in every way. It’s thinner, lighter, more powerful, blazingly fast, and I’m getting three days worth of writing sessions out of the battery. I’m blown away by how much more advanced the technology is compared to my old MacBook. I'm telling you, the new M1 chip is no joke.

Now for the interesting part. In theory Apple has made it very easy to transfer all of your files from one computer to another using iCloud. You basically just change one setting and everything on your computer is migrated to the cloud and can be accessed by any Apple computer you use your Apple ID to sign in on.

Evaporated Into The iCloud

The trouble is (gasp) I’m beginning to discover that not everything transferred. Now the old computer is wiped clean and on its merry way back to Apple for their trade-in program.

Among the files that somehow mysteriously evaporated into the iCloud was the manuscript for my meditation book published in 2017, The Perfect Pause. I wonder what else is floating around up there? Lol.

As I’m retyping this entire book from a hardcopy I thought to myself Why not make lemonade out of lemons?

What This Means To You

I'll be serving lemonade for the next few weeks! I know there are so many people still struggling in various ways as a result of the Covid pandemic. There’s probably never been a better time to learn to meditate or a greater need for it in the world.

So what I’ve decided to do is re-release the entire meditation book for free here on Hive in installments as I recreate it. If you’re interested in learning to meditate please check back regularly in the coming weeks for new installments.

I have no idea how long this will take or how many installments it will be but I’m getting started today.

It’s time to see what this new MacBook Air is made of.

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All for now.

With Gratitude,

Eric Vance Walton

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Poetry should move us, it should change us, it should glitch our brains, shift our moods to another frequency. Poetry should evoke feelings of melancholy, whimsy, it should remind us what it feels like to be in love, or cause us to think about something in a completely different way. I view poetry, and all art really, as a temporary and fragile bridge between our world and a more pure and refined one. This is a world we could bring into creation if enough of us believed in it. This book is ephemera, destined to end up forgotten, lingering on some dusty shelf or tucked away in a dark attic. Yet the words, they will live on in memory. I hope these words become a part of you, bubble up into your memory when you least expect them to and make you feel a little more alive.

Pick up a copy of Ephemera today on Amazon.

alt text

Most of us have experienced a moment of perfect peace at least once in our lives. In these moments we lose ourselves and feel connected to everything. I call these mindful moments. Words can’t describe how complete they make us feel.

These moments are usually fragile, evaporating in seconds. What if there was a way to train your mind to experience more of them? It’s deceptively easy and requires nothing more than a subtle shift in mindset. My new book, Mindful Moments, will teach you to be much more content despite the chaos and imperfect circumstances continuing to unfold around you. Upgrade your life experience today for only $15.99 on Amazon.com.

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I understand what you went through and I'm glad you were able to change it, my friend. I suffer every day with my old Gateway machine that is missing a few keys, and gets slow from time to time, but, with a lot of patience, I am thankful that it still responds, when I need it to, to my demands. Meditating during the most critical moments of my love-hate relationship with my laptop wouldn't hurt, so I'll keep an eye on your posts to do so, while the day comes when I can buy one. A hug, my friend, ah! I loved the musical theme. See you next time.

Thank you! Apple ended up giving me way more than expected for the old one so it made the decision a lot easier. That particular year/model of laptop was known for having keyboard failure so I'm happy that it lasted as long as it did. I hope you're able to upgrade yours soon! Having to work with faulty equipment really interrupts the flow state of creativity. It was good hearing from you! I hope you and the family are well!

Awesome! This sounds like a really great idea and a perfect way to turn something not so great into something awesome! I really need to play around with my mac mini a little more. It just sits on my desk all lonely and alone. I feel a little bad for it.

Thanks @bozz! I just found out a few minutes ago that a friend of mine who designed the book saved the day! He still had a copy of the old interior file on his computer and sent it my way. It was an MS Word Doc so I'm thinking the fact it didn't show up is due to incompatibility with this new M1 chip. I'm not 100% sure that's it yet. I'm still going to post the meditation book for free though.

I think you'll be impressed by the Mac Mini. I've heard good things about it. I still have a 2010 MacBook Pro that had a swollen battery. I took the old battery out and will swap it for a new one so I have a back up computer.

Oh, that is really great news! I think my biggest problem is I need more desk space. To use the mini I have to turn away from my main PC and that is just awkward to me. Sounds like you have a really good plan for the laptop. I had my first ipad with a swollen battery this year. It was crazy!

Yeah, that would be awkward. I'd definitely want the monitors side by side or stacked in the same area. The battery on this MacBook was so swollen that it nearly busted the case and popped the track pad out. Everything still appears to work and it seems easy enough to swap batteries. The new one is around $100 so I think it may be worth it to put that into it so I can have a back up.

Yeah, sounds like it should be a piece of cake. I bought a special stand for my monitors. It makes things really nice. Having to look up at the two top ones is kind of annoying sometimes though.

Hello dear friend @ericvancewalton good afternoon
It is good that you have been able to change your old pc for a new one, although I am sorry that you have to rewrite your meditation book.
That is a pending matter, I never did meditation in my life; Maybe it's time to start.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Good morning! My friend who designed the book saved the day and had saved a copy of the file. Thank God. It wouldn't have been the end of the world to retype it but the entire thing would need to be proofed again. I encourage you to try meditation. It's made every part of my life better. Enjoy the day!

Great article and thank you for sharing your books with us here on HIVE! All the best and keep up the good work!

P.S.: A small piece of advice, if I can humbly give it, is to save data on a separate physical hard drive than to use iCloud. You could also opt for Dropbox, as it is a safer long term trade. :)

Thanks! I'm always happy to share my work here. Hive has given me so much it's only right to give back to the community. Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely be making a back-up copy of all my files soon.

You're most welcome! Keep up the good work! Steemit/HIVE has given me much indeed as well!

I have never used something related to -cloud. Have u learnt where your files has gone? I still use portable hard disk or USB, or even DVD for such operations 😁

Thanks for re-realising your book. I think many of us need meditation to be able to go through this period.

You're welcome! The first installment should be posted in the next few days. I have no idea where the file went. As far as I know it was the only one to go missing. It was created in MS Word. The old MacBook had an Intel chip and was compatible with Windows files, this new one has the Apple-made M1 chip and it doesn't have the same compatibility. I still am not sure if this was it or not.

I have never trusted Apple for this very reason. Their whole concept is that they know what's best for you more than you do, and while that may be the case most of the time, it is often not.

On another note, I was recently recommended to look into mindfulness. I know you have written on it. Do you have a recommendation for a good place to start?

Are any of your books available as audiobook?

I'm so embedded in their ecosystem at this point it would take a lot for me to switch. Thankfully a friend of mine still had a copy of the interior file so I don't have to retype.

My book, Mindful Moments, is a really easy place to start but I don't have an audiobook version available.

The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh is another one I'd recommend. All of his books are great and insightful and this is available in audiobook format.

Cool. I will start with Mindfull Moments. Thanks.

You’re welcome. Thanks for picking up a copy!

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