Panic During New Year's

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         Oh man, I don't even have photos to show because I've been so busy. For those of you who don't know, it's the Lunar New Year. So, I've been taking things on the easy side despite having to work. It's okay though, because I will have time to chat and spend with family when get my seven days off.

         The downside is, few of them traveled this year due to the pesky coronavirus outbreak. For people living in the US, you can either watch the news and panic or keep track what the CDC has to say on the matter. For example, go to

         It's a shame, this happens when I almost perfected my air frying chicken recipe. Again, I don't have photos to prove it.

         And no, I have not dealt with patient samples suspected for the new virus. If things do become worse, I could see them in the labs. However, our medical director is getting ready for that possibility. I have seen pictures from a Daily Mail article. That looks intense. Any time I have seen clinicians suit up and wear that kind of face mask, it's definitely serious.

         Of course, since I work in microbiology, my department wouldn't be the one running the tests. Viral infections are our sister department's, molecular pathology, specialty. If it makes you feel better, SARS-related viruses are severe health risks according to the CDC, et al. I guess it belongs to BSL-4 after all. The list receives update every other year, so it's more current than you would think.

         I was hoping for a less busy work month, but looks like that won't be the case. There might be an increase of suspected coronavirus cases coming up. It will be like when Ebola became a scare a few years back.

         For me, I am glad that none of my family members are stuck in the quarantined cities. That's a scary thought. I guess the only thing we can do right now is hope for the best. Scientists and researchers are more aware of this type of stuff than the media and people let on.

Here's a personal note:

         Remember how the Russians had a nuclear accident last year? Don't feel surprised if this was a bioweapon testing gone a little bit wrong. It could also be on purpose, we'll never know.

         This virus ordeal, along with the blast, may have more political implications than most people realize. An arms race is happening, and it's not all apparent.


So far 2020 has been very difficult and it seem that it will be very long and painful year @enforcer48

I won't lie - I'm very worried.

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Just wait and see.

Happy Chinese New Year @enforcer48

Be safe buddy.

This was four ago (just found it). Hope the escalating events (re: Wuhan virus) are not affecting you or your family.
However, I think this will be affecting everyone soon. So many cases popping up all over the world

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There are currently 5 confirmed cases in the USA as of this morning. 68 suspected cases proven negative. 92 tests pending,

We shall see where it goes.

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While we wait for virus 2.0.

Eh, just wait and see. Sometimes, it's fun to put on a tinfoil hat before the entire suit.


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You know it all too well.

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