A Simple but Tricky Math Problem. Can You Solve It?

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Hello everyone!

This was shared last night on a Telegram group and it lead to some confusion as everyone kept throwing out different results. I don't think the image is copyrighted so I hope it's OK to share it here.

Can you guess the result without cheating...? Pay attention to detail and you'll be fine!

Let me know the answer in the comments and the process you used to get it.


Sorry, there is no prize as I want people to solve it without resorting to Google. Do it for the fun, please!


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! trdo

The answer is 19

Shoes = 10
Man = 5
Ice cream = 4

:. 10+5+4 = 19

Sorry but you missed a lot of details. 🤣

Oh really? I thought you were looking for the answer.

Ahahahh! I had already figured it out on the previous day! 😃
It's not difficult... but you need to watch it with a lot of attention.


Nope. Another try?

too fast... half shoe, the little guy with his two bags... 57 ?

No, no... see the answer below. @iansart got it right!

Cone = 2 Aaaahhhh
Cool game... thanks for sharing it

Shoe = 5
Boy = 5
Cone = 2
Boy with cones and shoes = 19
5+(19*2)= 43
Did not notice the boy with cones and shoes at first 😂

Yeiiiiiiii! You got it! 😄


I would say 48 :)

You were close... but not quite there!

ah ok I see needed to do the x before the +

Ah, yes. It seems that you got the rest of the details correct! Indeed, it's 5+(19x2) = 43 and not (5+19)x2 = 48. 😁