"Fountain of Youth" - Figuring Out How To Build It

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"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."
- Loren Eiseley

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It's been about a week,

I think, since I told you about my new "maker adventure." I've set out to build my own version of a health machine that will produce HHO, a.k.a. Brown's Gas, for my wife and I to breath. If that sounds passing strange to you, please go read the introduction to this story!


Water, the stuff of life.   ~   Image courtesy of Sasin Tipchai

I'm well on my way to having a working machine.

The machine I'm building is based on the work of George Wiseman of Eagle Research fame. George has researched Brown's Gas and its uses for many years. He sells a very nice machine that can be used for health purposes. I'm making something similar (though not identical).

Commercial machines made for health purposes are prohibitively expensive. George's AquaCure® Model AC50 machine is very reasonably priced for what it does, but even so beyond my immediate ability to afford. I've longed for one for years now, but never had the scratch to go for it. However, I recently realized that I could build my own for a materials cost of about ten percent of the retail purchase price.

This is the second in a series of articles about how I've begun to build my HHO machine. The working title of the machine I'm building is "Fountain of Youth", and—like George—I've started with the off-the-shelf electrolyzer from China pictured below:


Brown's Gas Electrolyzer;~   Image source: Amazon

Wiseman has found these machines to be an excellent "starting point" for his product, and I've decided to start in the same place myself.

What is "Brown's Gas?"

You can read George Wiseman's description of Brown's Gas here and here, or you can read Wikipedia's article about Brown's Gas here. The articles present two diametrically opposed viewpoints.

I find it interesting that, true to its severely biased agenda, Wikipedia classifies the very term "Brown's Gas" as "fringe science." Their article ignores hundreds of supporting research papers, intentionally mentioning only negative results and offering a selection of hit pieces as references to discourage any further research. I have obviously moved past such agenda-based, biased negativity, and so this is the last time I'll mention it.

But what are the health benefits?

The TLDR (short version) is that breathing Brown's Gas has amazing, widely researched and documented health benefits, as does drinking hydrogen-enriched water. The machine I am constructing will enable us to do both on a daily basis.


Water is magical.   ~   Image courtesy of Elias Sch.

Open Source?

My intention is for this series of articles to be an open source collection of information. I don't expect it to exactly be a set of plans for making a machine. Rather, it will be an account of how I am going about doing so.

However, I do expect to include enough information, photos, references, suggestions, and materials sources that readers with reasonable skills and motivation ought to be able to fairly easily follow in my footsteps.

In the next article, I'll begin by showing you the insides of the machine and publishing a schematic of its internal components and how they are wired together. I also plan to begin discussing the changes I'm making—parts I won't use and why, as well as parts I'll add. Stay tuned!


I am not a doctor, nor am I a medical professional of any kind. This series of articles describes my very individual, personal quest to investigate credible reports of the benefits of breathing hydrogen and oxygen gas, drinking hydrogen enriched water, and applying hydrogen and oxygen gas to weakened or diseased body parts. The devices I am building, the tools and materials I am using, and the gases I expect them to produce, are potentially dangerous and even life-threatening if used carelessly. Should you choose to use any of this information, do so only with the most serious care taken for safety. Any use made of this information is entirely at your own risk. I am not in any way responsible.


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