Why didn't you mention your vows of love to your friends?

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When you fall in love, your first impression of your lover is a dreamy mirror. When you fall in love, you find that he is bottomless abyss.

The language of love is actually silent, just like a fallen leaf floating to the babbling brook to the distance, or in his near, and the fallen leaf is you engraved to give him sweet words.However, these love language will eventually float to the unknown destination with the stream, you may forget it in the morning of tomorrow, your lover may also be in the sunset to ignore it.No matter what is engraved on the fallen leaves, or precious ink, or light oil painting, they have only one end, disappear in the babbling water of time.And that end, has been time itself without a bottomless hole dilute clean, so, you will not have for the vows of eternal love and cry.

But generally people do not know what is to cherish two words before love, just like people who do not experience death and pain do not know the value of life, will not know how to respect the true feelings of people.However, love is like a magic magic wand, let the people in love know the fragrance of wine, know the preciousness of life, know the incomplete moon is more beautiful than the perfect moon, this is a mature performance.Bai juyi's poem: "misty moon Dan long sky, silver han autumn period with.How much joy and hatred, year after year and on this night."How much joy and sorrow parting mood are in every year in July 7, every year on the qixi festival, lovers get together, cherish this rare time, cherish this moment of happiness and joy.But after all, qixi is short, qixi after the banquet discrete, lovers respectively, and left endless sorrow and loneliness.However, this only exists in the thoughts of the elders, the one who is, won't disappointed for the Chinese valentine's day today, also won't to leave and sad, because now people experienced too much wine, has experienced too much fear of the past, the in the mind the feelings of the past are written in your heart, and eventually into a habit is generally not urticant indolence.

Many people in the vows of eternal love of the pledge during a first love, each to huangshan mountain, always see countless lock hanging in a tree and railings, some say it is lock love, two people buy this a lock and then engraved the names of two people, hung on the bridge or the stone edge, to pray for their love story like this lock is everlasting and unchanging.It really is a mountain alliance, because it is in the mountains swear ah.I suddenly saw a girl crying and running over to throw up one of the rusty locks, which she had tried so hard not to break.Girl left helpless, eventually I forward and observe the rusty lock, inscribed with the names of two people, one of the girl's name is just that the weeping girl, suddenly lock engraved with the date on which the came into my line of sight, although the lock has rusted, but engraved with the date still loud and clear, is eight years ago.I think, this girl must be 8 years ago and that boy is passionately in love, came here also vows eternal love, thought his love will be like love lock as eternal in heaven and earth, but she finally broke up.Love gave her a joke, the lock is also like a joke in her memory, so she was so desperate to wipe the memory.

She did not succeed in removing the lock, but the lock was bound to become more rusty with the erosion of time, and would eventually be stripped away like iron slag in the wind, perhaps 10 years later, perhaps for a lifetime.This girl's deeds let me not from the feeling, people in the young will be emotional impulse ah, will have the excitement of love ah.However, as the days of life go by, the passionate part gradually recedes, and the struggles and pains gradually reveal themselves, for the essence of life is always more pain than pleasure. If the painful part cannot be overcome, then the ending of love must be a breakup or even a more tragic situation.So, what vows of eternal love, do not say it, do not hang on the mountain that meaningless and ironic love gold lock, do not force yourself to believe that the sea will dry up, do not persist in heaven and earth do not meet.All passions have the potential to turn into hatred, and once the hatred is magnified, no amount of previous passion is possible.Then some people will say that the passion in love are bubbles, in fact, this sentence is also wrong, because when the bubble before people do not realize it is a bubble, only when the bubble explosion will be surprised to find the truth is so!No one will realize in advance when the bubble of love will explode, but before the bubble explosion must be prepared to love a plain heart, when the love really ended to have tolerance and compassion for the lover once.

In the song "the moon stands for my heart" there is a line: "you ask I love you how deep, love you how much?"However, love can not be measured by how much, love has no quality and no weight, if it has quality, then love will become as superficial as material, but also will depress the value of love.The value of love I think there is no word to describe how deep and how much, although love has no quality but will certainly carry the weight of life.Love does not have the distinction of how many cent, but responsibility has how big distinction however, the shoulder of love is responsibility, the weight of responsibility presses completely in love, can bear the responsibility more, the weight of this love is bigger also.Therefore, we can measure the value of love by its bearing capacity."The moon stands for my heart" to love some of the answer is also worth savoring, he did not say how much, and said the moon stands for my heart, so indirectly expressed that love is spiritual, not material.So, this "how much do you love me?There is no need to ask the same question. The other person's words and deeds show the capacity of his love.

When the flowers with drunk spring break sorrow, drunk flowers for wine.Suddenly recalled the old people to the sky, plan today to liangzhou.This is a poem written by bai juyi to his friend. His friend is far away, but his missing for him is continuous.Although bai juyi's poem is for the same sex friends, but people's feelings are unified, can also be to explain love.Love is not necessarily the most precious, not necessarily the most fondly remembered, and the most simple miss is the most sincere.< / p > < p > friends to liangzhou, thousands of mountains and rivers, but bai juyi's concern but break through ten thousand dangerous obstacles came to the friends, so miss is the enemy of the distance, no matter how far the distance can not stop miss hanging water.In love, the material will always be consumed with time, and even will not have feelings for the material, but the feeling of missing at that time is the most real and the deepest feeling, in the parting mood is to experience the taste of love.So the simplest missing can break through the cage of time and distance, leaving a bright shadow in the long river of love.

We need to look at love with the most ordinary eyes, it is not the unfathomable stars, but the deep hands of the shell, not the soul of the illusory, is the skin of the dear embrace, not the future of the dreamlike fantasy, is the daily line of movement.Wish everyone's love can be like the ebb and flow of faith, like the deep feeling of the sea.

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