Choice and benefits of livestock

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Dear readers, animal husbandry has been one of the economic activities that has generated great income to the economy of many countries worldwide, in addition, it is an activity of great benefit for the agri-food security of nations by the production of milk and meat that are foods that provide nutritional elements of importance for the growth and development of the population. To maintain the production of these items, proper animal management must be implemented, ensuring their feeding with natural or introduced forage species and thus ensuring the productive yields of the livestock ecosystem.

When you want to begin with the livestock activity must take into account a number of factors that make it possible to maintain the productivity of the system, among which the first is the selection of the species, choose species that meet the needs of the production unit and that are adapted to the climatic conditions of the area, because otherwise the animals will begin to decline weight, production and will be susceptible to diseases.

Depending on the aforementioned, in some of the production units they make the decision to acquire creole animals that are adapted to the climatic conditions of the local ecosystem, it is also important to consider if the production unit has sufficient forage biomass production to maintain a certain group of animals, taking into account that a cow according to what some researchers such as Hill and Andrews (2001), can consume approximately 10% of its live weight of green matter, for example, a 400 kg cow can consume approximately 40 kg of green biomass per day.

Another essential element that must be taken into account when choosing cows for milk production, is obviously the amount of liters of milk per day, there of course is influenced by the breed of the animal, feeding, health, among other aspects, it is also taken into account in the company's dairy at the time of marketing the content of fat, through it determines the quality of the product to nutritional status and prevent adulteration with water that may cause alterations in the nutritional quality.

Some of the recommendations for those wishing to acquire animals are the following:

  • Visit the milking parlors of the production units that sell the animals to verify the number of liters of milk per day.

  • Evaluate the health status of the animal, for this you can consult the veterinary doctor of the place and verify according to the records kept of each animal the vaccination certification.

  • In the same way, it should be verified that the animal's udder is well shaped and there is no anomaly.

Once the animals are in the unit of production, it becomes a resource endogenous important because, not only is a source of economic resources and food but also becomes as a major source within the system for the generation of organic matter through the manure and the contribution of by-products for feeding to other smaller species within the estate as the pigs to which they can provide the whey that remains after producing cheese.

Final considerations
Dear readers, it has demonstrated the importance of the component animal for food, production, and importance of some processes agronomic ecosystem agriculture, therefore, it would be an excellent decision on the part of farmers to include within their surfaces, the component animal, it would be diversifying agro-ecosystem, making it more complete, only would be to locate the potentials of each component and the benefit that can be generated between them.

Bibliographic references
  • Hill, J. and Andrews, A (2001). The pregnant dairy cow. Editorial Acribia. Zaragoza: Spain.
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I wont never buy cattle ( at least no intentions for now) but those are great tips for handling them

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Greetings dear @gwajnberg, the livestock activity deserves a lot of care and work, taking into account that you have to efficiently manage animals and pastures, over there they say that to be a good rancher you must first be an excellent farmer.

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