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Excited for this new way to access the Hive Blockchain


Liketu is a new Hive front end that released a few weeks ago and it is one that I am pretty excited for. Right now, there is some work that needs to be done to really refine the experience, and I will try and touch on some of them, but I really think that front end has a really good chance at bringing some new faces to the blockchain.

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It is a photography based sharing platform and is pretty similar to how Instagram looks, which is great for new faces that are coming on board, because it helps to lessen the learning curve of starting on a new platform. One of the hardest things about bringing new people to the chain is how different of an experience it can be for them when they get here, and Liketu seems to be moving in a good direction to make that experience as familiar as possible.

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On top of voting like normal on posts, you can add reactions to it as well. When they added reactions to Facebook, it was a pretty cool way of interacting with the different posts other than commenting on them. I think the reactions here will take a while for some of the more old school members of the chain to get used to using and embrace, but it is cool to see them.

One thing that is missing from this front end is to see the post payouts. As a curator, this is vital information to see if I were to curate from this front end. I also do not see an option to downvote, which would be needed to remove rewards from plagiarism and other posts with abusive behavior. So for now, Liketu is not a front end I would actively use when curating. I would also like to be able to see what my post rewards are while logged into Liketu. I spoke to @elmerlin about this and it is being added to the list of updates that they have planned.

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One of the things that I also think need to be changed and is preventing more photographers from using Liketu is that when you upload images through Liketu, they watermark your image with their logo. They also add your Liketu profile address, which can be good for bringing people back to your profile.

I personally do not watermark my images and do not like any sort of watermark on my stuff, especially if it is not my personal logo/watermark. Other photographers use their own watermarks, and I am sure it would start to look ugly and take away from the image if there are other watermarks on their photos. I spoke with @elmerlin about this as well, and he said they are going to be looking at ways to remove watermarks for people that do not want to use them, so that would be a good move to bring more of the professional photographers over to using this front end.

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One thing I am pretty interested in is their tier program you can set up to give subscribers exclusive content. I see a lot of Patreon or even OnlyFans users being able to use this if they were to come to the chain. I think a lot of people right now that we have may not be too interested in paying others for exclusive content, but I think that will come with time and a change in how some people think about rewards and how they use their hive.

For me, I think I could release photography lessons or other stuff using these subscription tiers and then use some of those funds that I receive from my subscribers to rewards those that take part in the lessons. There really are a lot of different ways that someone could utilize this type of service and I think in the future, it could be pretty cool to see what type of exclusive content people are releasing.

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Uploading posts through Liketu can be pretty self explanatory. One of the major differences is that all of the photos can be uploaded at the same time and they are all displayed separately from the body of the post. For some people, this may be a problem when they like to incorporate photos along with their text to help them tell their story, but it is pretty similar to how Instagram and the other photography based apps are.

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One thing that was pretty confusing the first time I uploaded anything was the monetize box. There really wasn't any information on what the boxes meant. 0% is basically declining rewards and 100% gives you the normal 50/50 rewards distribution. I am not sure what the 50% block does, but I am assuming it is something like declining 50% of the rewards and I am not sure why anyone would use that.


@elmerlin sent me this preview of what the box is going to be changing soon with a future update to the site. This is a much better way to display everything and brings a better user experience.

Another thing I noticed is that your followers and those you follow do not transfer between the other front ends and Liketu. So that can be kind of annoying that you need to refollow people to get a nice feed going. Liketu does not display posts not made through Liketu either, which could annoying some people because they would need to log into a different front end to see their whole feed.

One thing that was annoying at first, but will be changed soon is that when you post through Liketu, you are not able to post to different communities and everything is posted to the Liketu community. I think giving people the freedom to post to whatever community they want will really help people's want to use this front end.

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Another important change that I think needs to be fixed soon is the reply box. When you are typing out a reply, you only get a very small box to view what you are typing. Being able to see the entire reply is something that is necessary.

Overall, I think that there is a lot of possibility with Liketu and it will be cool to see it grow and change over time. There are a lot of people that think having a photography based front end could be bad and lead to shit posting, but we already see plenty of people shit posting with all the other front ends.

All over the traditional social media apps, people are sharing their photography and Liketu has given a simple way for people to be able to share their content. I think micro blogging should be embraced and is necessary to be able to bring more users to this platform. With that being said, there does need to be some checks and balances in place to prevent abuse and that is where having a good team and a good community in place to help fight against that abuse is important.

We all want Hive to thrive, and I think that Liketu is a great step in helping to bring more people to our blockchain.


Sounds like it has a lot of potentials! For a new interface, it seems like it was well designed. I know it probably takes time to upgrade and update from the ground level. It will be very interesting to see what LikeTu could be once it becomes fully manifest and operates like a fine-tuned machine.

I can see some benefits to the way they arranged some things originally. I kind of like that you have to refollow people. That could help clean up my feed with photo-centric users only to follow here.

There is a lot of potential here and i hope that it gets actualized. Many of the critiques are just optimizing and getting a more streamlined product for UI. Very accomplishable. I think night mode will be important moving forward but not top on the priority list.

Thanks for sharing about this new initiative and getting the info out there.

Forgot all about night mode. That is a must to protect our eyes from the blinding white.

Seems very good, especially since it mirrors apps like instagram in a way. Not sure about the watermark though, it's not a huge deal breaker but could be annoying. I wanted to buy the witcher books after completing the 3rd game, but, they have a big Netflix print on the box and each cover. I like the show, but that annoyed me so I haven't bought them yet.

Also the subscription tier to me didn't sit well, as what if the quality of peoples free posts went down. Until you mentioned the idea of utilising that to do things like lessons, that's a great idea. Giving the odd starter freedy would be good to get people involved in the more intermidiate lessons, some financial appreciation for the teacher who is working on their classes as well as encouraging people to pay attention, whenever money is put on the line by someone they're more inclined to take it seriously and stick with it.

Everything needs time to work out kinks and react to users, but overall that's a nice step into new territory. Great run down, I'll have to check it out myself. Sometimes it's nice being able to add in a picture with a quick description like on instagram. I saw someone talk about why Tiktok and instagram are so addictive and it comes down to quick jolts of dopemine rather than the slow release from engaging with larger longform content.

If the quality of people's "free" posts go down, then there would be no incentive for people to want to purchase any of the posts behind the pay wall. The free posts should be a high quality to entice people to want to spend the money on the premium content. I do think there needs to be a shift in thinking from the average hive user though to accept this subscription model. There are so many sites out there that offer this type of way to consume content, but none of them have a reward pool that people can draw from to be able to afford buying that premium content from the ones that they follow.

Nice summary and I agree with the things you mentioned. Like the reply box and other details. But they seem to be open for constructive criticism to enhance the experience so I'm curious how it develops.

Their team is really accepting of feedback and actually prefer to hear how things are so they can make everything better for the user.

Very excited for it as well! I am getting a new phone soon, so I should have better quality images, can not wait!

Its always good to get a new camera. Hopefully it helps you get the photos you want

Liketu does not display posts not made through Liketu either, which could annoying some people because they would need to log into a different front end to see their whole feed.

I actually really appreciate that!!

I mean, front-ends that display absolutely everything are good and all, but for a while now I've thought that certain things would benefit a lot more in their own little self-contained interface. Making an instagram-like interface for photos and only through their app is really great.

Ya, you make a great point that I didn't think of. It is nice to have a place where I can select what type of content I want to follow.

One of the hardest things about bringing new people to the chain is how different of an experience it can be for them when they get here, and Like seems to be moving in a good direction to make that experience as familiar as possible.

Completely agree, Users always what some new features which is not available in other social media application, along with easy to use in mobile devices too.

Mostly think how much they earn from their publication.

I really loved this Front end and some new features like adding reaction, simple navigation, their details as a water mark on image like those.

Keep going.

Ya, I think they are making something special here. Mobile apps are in development as well.

Oh ok,lets see

Excellent post my friend, I really like that this new interface is dedicated to photography as many good photographers are not being very valued in peakd because photography is rarely the main thing.

Your suggestions are really helpful, especially the negative boto one as protecting the project from plagiarism is one of the best ways for this new interface to develop.

Thanks for sharing and I will be stopping by to take a look at it.

I love the new looks and different feel most especially the emojis. Seems their front-end has a lot of updates to make before it can be great for the oldies.

About micro-blogging, definitely there have to be a way to prevent abuse or people would get to spam often placing little to no effort.

We already have plenty of spamming and low quality posts as it is. Microblogging does not mean that it will be a low quality or no effort post.

Wow, looks great!

I really like the look of it.

totally missed this post! 😅

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This has a potential!!! Oops, I didn´t realize its a community.. Ok got it! Thanks for sharing.