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RE: Liketu - New front end first impressions

in #liketu5 months ago

Sounds like it has a lot of potentials! For a new interface, it seems like it was well designed. I know it probably takes time to upgrade and update from the ground level. It will be very interesting to see what LikeTu could be once it becomes fully manifest and operates like a fine-tuned machine.

I can see some benefits to the way they arranged some things originally. I kind of like that you have to refollow people. That could help clean up my feed with photo-centric users only to follow here.

There is a lot of potential here and i hope that it gets actualized. Many of the critiques are just optimizing and getting a more streamlined product for UI. Very accomplishable. I think night mode will be important moving forward but not top on the priority list.

Thanks for sharing about this new initiative and getting the info out there.


Forgot all about night mode. That is a must to protect our eyes from the blinding white.