We Like People Who Like What We Like - An easy quote that will help you make more friends!

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Have you read the quote in the topic? If you just read it super quickly, but nothing more, go ahead and read it once again and then think about it for a few seconds before you move on.

We Like People Who Like What We Like

Yes, you are right... I have been listening to more lectures about social psychology, and my most recent lesson was about exactly this. What is it really about?

If you meet two people and you know that one of them agree with you and likes something that you do, you are much more likely to get a positive impression and like that person, than the person who doesn't have anything in common with you (that you know of).

Of course, we are attracted by opposites, but the truth is... we are even more attracted to similarities.

So, what can you do if you want people to like you?

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Find similarities and highlight them!

If you want people to like you, find some similarities and highlight them. They will help the other person understand that you have things in common, and it will lower the bar and make it easier for you to connect with one another. This is, in fact, often used to get in contact even with influencers online as well. If they see people who show similar ideas, thoughts, and opinions, they are more likely to reach out to them.

If you want to reach someone special, study what they like and grow in those areas.

If there is a special boy or girl that you want to impress, find out what they like and start to like it yourself. This will immediately make you more interesting to the person, and you will also be able to speak about that given topic in a better way, once again opening up a new sphere of connection opportunities between the two of you.

In other words, we like people who like what we like. So, find out what other people like and highlight those similarities, and it will help you grow in your relationships!