This is a Crisis, GodDamn it. Everyone Must stop using all Fossil Fuels. Right Now Goddamn it.

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This is not a joke.

Every person must stop using Fossil Fuels immediately,

Not tomorrow, not next week, not in a few years....

This minute.

Turn everything off. Right Now.

Stop flying, stop driving, stop eating, stop heating your home.

Right now dammit.

Now. Or we all die.



Note: I may be high.




High or not, it's the truth

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I don't have to do what you say.

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You can do whatever you like.

Exactly 👍

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Was a bit of a headbutt a little while back between @drakos and @berniesanders over this. May consider editing?

Here is my take on the subject. If Climate Change is real then why the hell are the Politicians, Scientists and actors using more Fossil Fuels than anyone.... flying all over the earth telling people they need to reduce their Carbon Emissions. Friggin Hypocrites.

I don't disagree, some strong opinions out there though.

The deal is this.... If we are causing the temperature to rise then why are the Politicians, actors and Scientists still flying every day ? Using more Fossil Fuels than anyone on earth ? The poor and Middle Class citizens are not causing this problem. This is a problem created by the wealthy.

Why ? What did each one say ?

I gave up driving and now ride a bike, also sold the TV. I now live out of a suitcase and leave a small footprint.

I’m getting there. I walk, ride my bike, take the bus or train. I Haven’t flown in 15 years.

I don’t fly any longer either. But mostly cause I don’t like being fondled by ugly guys.

Well ... we can not afford to fly. Have to be a Millionaire I think. Plus we have a new puppy that nobody wants to leave behind. All Vacations are in the backyard or walking distance.

I agree with you my friend on this one.
I will check your earlier suggestions.
Steem on.